Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jury Duty Sucks!

Had a great game of volleyball last night that lasted for 3 hours. 3 full hours. Great game...lots of fun - physically whipped.

This morning I got up for something I have always dreaded because they are so boring - Jury Duty. Luckily here in the County of SD - you are only required to attend one day. If you're name doesn't get called as a potential juror candidate - you have fulfilled your civic responisibility and wont be bugged for the next 12 months at the least. Whoopee!

I can't tell you how many people had their iphones and cells as well as their laptops open all day long. That was so funny.

Anyway, before checking in. I went to the gym and did some light chest work and some shoulder strengthening work before heading off to the Hall Of Justice. Nothing regimented here just some chest and shoulder work was all...

Time: 6am
Commercial Gym

Warm Up: shoulder rotations, push ups, stick ups, static shoulder stretches

a) Flat Bench BB Press 155x5x5

b1) Front Delt raises 8x3x12
b2) Side Delt Raises 8x3x12
b2) Rear delt raises 8x3x12


"Those who are enamored of training without science are like a pilot who goes onto a ship without rudder or compass and never has any certainty to where he is going."

- Leonardo Da Vinci

A Deputy Sheriff friend of mine who happens to be a Crossfitness instructor here at our local suburb let me borrow a book called Quantum Strength Fitness II (Gaining the Winning Edge) by Patrick O'Shea, Ed. D. Book basically focuses on Applied Strength Training and Conditioning for Peak Performance for athletes. Brought the book with me to jury duty and the first 3 chapters I read today were really informative with full explanations of strength training and conditioning for athletes. Olympic Lifts are the meat of the order here. The first few chapters also covered Periodization or the Cyclic Training concepts for Peak Performance something that I really want to get a full grasp understanding of. This book covered it for me from top to bottom just from the first few chapters I read.

Great stuff!!

Learn new things matter how boring your day may be. =)


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Roundballnz said...

Good stuff there Andy

we all need a game plan - informed by science