Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treeeeeeeat!

Halloween...just another day for the kids? Well we walked a good 10 blocks around the neighborhood and while walking yup - had to indulge in some nice tasting chocolate candy along the way the kids worked "hard" for.

Anyway, thankfully I still managed a workout this morning and here's how it went:

Strength workout
1) Front Box squats with 85x3x15 (higher reps, lower weight)

2a) One arm DB overhead press 35 lb KB 3x8
2b) DB arm rows elbow out 65 lb 3x8

Intervals via Tabatas
1a) 2 hand KB Swings 20 secs
1b) Burpees with push up and jump x 10 secs (not many reps you can do in 10 secs)
4 cycles.

Ab circuit x2:
Hanging knee raises 2x5
Fast Mountain climbers 2x15
Ab curl ups with 5 sec pause 2x5


That afternoon, hooked up with the boys for some swimming and did some nice laps back and forth. Felt very good with the lats and delts.

Good workout but bad on the sweets today. You can't out train a bad diet no matter what you do and today was bad. Quite a few bad days but still working out regardless because it's fun and it's a part of me.

Really having a blast with this program and am enjoying every minute of it but it's going to be a long difficult winter for the family.... will be looking at some different programs here soon and am hoping to correct it here shortly if the calories can't be controlled!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Stoplight Intervals"

Carpooled and went to the gym once again with my friends this morning for a 5 am brings alot of great times again. Even though we all do our own little things in the gym nowadays - we still manage to respect each others space and do the things we enjoy doing and still have that sharing time prior to work every morning like we used to. We came to the conclusion that this is the time of the year that social support is needed the most. It's been fun!

We all agree that this is our time - a time away from work, from family....ipod's on, splitting up and just have that 30 or so minutes in the gym working our butts off and then hanging out in the steam room for a nice sweat after a great workout and shooting the you know whats for 10 minutes in there before heading off to work - aint nothing like it.

We don't impose anything on each other (none of this "this works or that works better" kind of thing between us) - it's just that mutual respect we have over time as being close friends yet we still manage to have fun with our own individual workouts nonetheless. And that's all that matters...

Fall weather is a great time to be working out in the morning..did day Day 3 of week 3 of the fitandbusydad workout. Read up Craig Ballantyne's stuff at his blog and he did a workout outdoors and that was pretty cool.

30 minutes...we were out the door. Speaking of Craig's workout today, we started doing our own sprints in Downtown San Diego - I'll call it "beating the red light". We would sprint a full block until we reach a stoplight and then we would jog in place and then sprint to the next block as fast as we can until we managed to hit 5 total stoplights...and it was a sprint to the entrance doors to work! Great way to end a fun workout today.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Social Support...we need it.

Whoa...Heroes is shaping up to be one helluva drama series. Watching the most recent episode on TV last night and finishing the episode, I had no clue I konked out on the sofa.

Playing volleyball at 7 pm after a good workout that morning obviously didn't help matters....but it was a fun game nonetheless! :)

Got up early this morning and hooked up with my co workers for a trip to the gym like old times sake. Especially this time of the year...accountability to keep it going is a must. Thankfully I have personal friends and some online friends who share the same sentiments...

In the fitness lifestyle...and if it is a lifestyle and not a short term solution, social support is definitely a strong focal point of success. Last night my good workout buddy, who's recovering from pec surgery is slowly getting back into the groove once again which is so encouraging for the both of us. He's getting back into it which is good. 5lb, 10 lb's something to be really positive about. For the first time in months we drove with our other close friend (who I still manage to workout with every morning when we can and if family permits) and headed to the gym for our good ol morning workout routines like old times.

Did a great barbell hybrid lift routine which was really cool, some ab work and a good 5 minute run we did together back to work for a good sweat (note: we carpool, park our car and walk to the gym and jog back to work. There is a 24 hour fitness only 5 blocks away).

Social support in fitness! It's great!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deadlifts...Personal Best

Upper body particulary the shoulders are really sore this morning from the kettlebell complex yesterday.…still managed to get up this morning for a strength workout however and get day 1 of week 3 in. Hit another personal best on the deadlift at 305 lbs on a 1 rep max. Added some intervals on the treadmill afterwards which was cool.

On week 3 of the fitandbusydad workout and will finish off this week and next week and it’s off to another workout here for the holidays.

Won’t go into details of the workout but here’s my deadlift numbers on a 6 set x 3 reps principle. The 1 rep max was done on my 7th and final additional set.

Snatch Grip Deadlift (6 sets of 3 reps)
* 185/205/215/225/245/295 - 305 lb 1 rep max

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Kettlebell Workout!

A full day's rest yesterday and some was another bad day of indulgences but still managed to get a pretty good workout in before leaving with the family to the pumpkin station earlier this evening which was pretty fun for all of us. Diet hasn't been quite there all week but I'm still getting in my workouts in regardless. Yesterday was really tough to do anything as my glutes were sorer than they've ever been in sometime.

So today's workout I decided to do a Kettlebell complex. It consisted of 7 different exercises, 6 reps each for 4 circuits total - all done without putting down the KB...just continuous movements one after the other with no rest. After each circuit was complete, I did 1 minute of heavy bag punching and an ab circuit in the end. Felt really good and only lasted less than 25 minutes and it was off to the showers...

Here's the actual workout using a 35 lb KB for the complex (4 circuits):
a) 1 hand Swings
b) High Pulls
c) Front Squat
d) Clean and press
e) KB bent over row
f) Reverse Lunge
g) 1 minute heavy bag punching

Ab circuit (1 circuit)
SB jacknives x 20
SB crunches with 10 lbs plate x 20
Cross body mountain climbers with hands on SB x 20

Felt really good. Did all of this on bare feet on a nice soft carpet at home. Shirt was drenched at the end of this and was huffing and puffing like crazy. Stretched out afterwards and hit the showers.

Was reading up on another fitness magazine I subscribe to and caught another interesting quote and here's what he said:
"I schedule exercise as though it's a meeting and treat it the same way."

Just another day in the "office"....

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Glutes are pretty sore from yesterday's workout. Very happy with the personal best on the squats too. Had to skip today's workout this morning as my glutes are definitely feeling it right now. So I took my kids to the park and enjoyed some nice sunshine and spent most of the day taking care of things around the house.

Anyway, doing more reading on Barbell Complexes...they are fun and I see this as an important component to a very effective fat loss burning program. All the fitness greats incorporate some kind of complex in some of their workout routines... Chris Lopez incorporates it in one day of his Phase 2 program which is Hybrid Lifting but a complex just the same. Craig Ballantyne had one in a great September workout I did recently. If you've never tried them before and feel you need to break some monotony in a workout: give it a try. It isn't easy and it isn't supposed to be. And you don't have to use enormously huge weight: just enough to challenge you with each rep. It's a terrific way to change up routines and increase intensity of one's workout. Never feel like you half-assed a workout when you do one of these...that's for sure.

Read up on Steve Javorek's article on Men's Health Magazine and it's amazing information and learned alot about the history of Complexes as I was flipping through the pages in bed at home last night. Very interesting individual and for a man his age I can't believe he's still actively involved in fitness. I think he founded the Romanian Deadlift, too as he was originally Hungarian then migrated to Romania where he trained some of Romanian's greatest weight lifters and athletes for the Olympics.

But back to complexes...the great thing about them is you can use Kettlebells, Barbells or even Dumbells. Complexes would only take 20 minutes to complete...but definitely 20 minutes of hell at that..but definitely some great metabolic work for sure.

I'm a youtuber...and this is one video I kept in my library since last year and have had it since. Too bad he's never produced anymore other workouts (he has a few bodyweight ones I've enjoyed looking at too) but what he has are pretty gold (Mark is his name). He's very fluid and explosive and must have an awesome core. This is just some of the great stuff of what a barbell complex would look like:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Interesting Article on T-Nation

Browsing the web and came across an article on HIT (High Intensity Training) on and came across a great interview on a fitness pioneer on Dr. Ellington Darden at this link.

I've read up on all sorts of approaches to HIT or HIIT but it's hard to believe that the HIT/HIIT philosophy has been going on since the 70's. It was really mind boggling how these body builders had such out of this world physiques with little or no bodyfat but it was the steroid use that really did it in for me. That's a shame...because I know unless you're on steroids or supplements or have great genes - there's no way in hell one can get as cut up or yoked as they are.

anyway, it was this segment of the interview that really hit me. It was almost Bruce Lee like by Dr. Darden in response to t-nation's closing question and I quote here:

"T-Nation: There was a quote I read on your site a while back that said, "Have the look of a lion in the presence of a herd of sheep." What does that mean?

Darden: Most people are sheep, and sheep need direction. There are very few lions out there — even the ones who claim to be are rarely lions. And they need to be exposed.

I guess the real challenge is to take the things that are basic, meaningful, and effective and present them in a way that has some pizzazz. That's what needs to be done. Like I've said before, though, if you have a quest to get a good physique, a good mind will follow. So maybe it'll all work itself out."

Here's Bruce's quote:
""Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own."


Deadlifts, Warm ups, Foam Rolls...and Da Chargers..

Nice little circuit of great exercises this morning on Chris Lopez’s 20 minute fitandbusydad’s workout routine. I love this workout. Thinking I was going to be short on time as I didn’t get to my work gym til 6 am – I got it out of the way in less than 30 minutes with my own little ab circuit that I did immediately after. It was fun…and as long as I’m having fun – that’s all that matters. Just like dancing for some – this is a good healthy hobby!

Tomorrow’s a barbell complex routine! Yahoo!! I love circuits…especially circuits that are fast and efficient - much like this complex coming up tomorrow.

On the nutrition side, it’s been pretty maintenance calories. No real desire to lose any more weight (unless it’s body fat of course) by the end of this year but I do want to work on some lean mass (not even trying to bulk up either), some strength work and just maintain my weight throughout the end of the year as best as possible and then start on a lean out again next January. Still - no excuses for eating sloppy either even if it is the Fall with the Holiday season just around the corner too. Can't let that be an excuse to slip on the nutrition.

Still can’t express the importance of warm ups. I remember many years ago - I would walk right into a routine cold turkey...hey, I was young had all the testosterone a young man can handle. Now at my 30's, before each and every routine, you got to do some warm ups – dynamic, static, whatever – just do em. After what I’ve seen with my own eyes a warm up just can’t be overlooked . Even since I started hitting the volleyball courts once again a few months ago – I won't play without a proper warm up playing or exercising. If I want to continue doing this for sometime…can’t skip a warm up regardless. But I did goof up yesterday when I did a challenge…as soon as I got up that morning, I started doing the routine (thinking oh yeah - bw exercises) and I just didn’t feel the muscles “awake” enough to really make a splash.

End of the week but still – I’m making it a point to warm up everytime I exercise each morning...everytime.

Another great addition is the foam rolling…I absolutely love this simple yet very efficient 18” piece of industrial foam for muscle alignment and massage. It works your back, legs, glutes and helps with flexibility and tightness around the legs.

Something I noticed during the deadlifts today - even with any workout...I noticed how much difference it makes just progressively adding a 5lb or 10 lb plate can really make a difference psychologically in a routine. It may look kind of weird but it weighs just the same. People like to think their strong when they see 2 45 lbs's on each side of a barbell - only to mess up their backs on the very 1st set! They may be smaller but you add up those numbers we're talking a progressive 35 pound olympic plate on one side when you think about it but mentally you feel it's actually lighter! Look the part when you go heavy but throw the ego out the door buddy and train safe.

Stop the presses!! Another Chargers's off to London for the Lightning Bolts. Rivers vs Brees - can't wait for this one.

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Whoa…hotdiggity damn. What a workout this morning!!! Chris Lopez has it going with this workout routine. If you haven’t check this guy out (all you busy dads out there) here's the site: Again, this workout was courtesy of Craig Ballantyne at his website at

Whoo! Did Day 6 of the Phase 2 program over the BW circuits of Phase 1. I really liked the challenge here and I like challenges. May even have to head off to Phase 2 starting next week.

It was a metabolic ladder consisting of a very advanced Burpee routine of a push up with a vertical jump finishing off with a neutral grip pull up supersetted some core strengthening.

Do that for the allotted amount of times indicated for the amount of cycles indicated and you will be sweating like crazy. I know I did.

Definitely had a bit of a rosstraining feel..maybe even crossfit. Definitely kicked my ass today. Topped it off some arm work and more speed jump roping and additional core strengthening work to end the workout. Been a few days since I hopped on a treadmill. May do that for tomorrow and Saturday.


Whatever you do and tackle in life: make it yours and take off with it….

Train hard and train safe!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Power of the Jump Rope

Sorry..late post but a post just the same.

No workouts scheduled for today but did some some delt/shoulder strengthening work with light loads (I still want to take care of the shoulders for strength and for volleyball specific training. Yep, still playing the sport here.) at our work gym this morning at 5 am... finished it off this morning with an ab circuit combined with jump roping with my jump rope and gymboss I took with me in my gym bag.
30 second speed jump rope/Hanging leg raises x 15
30 second speed jump rope/Russian Twists with 35 lb plate x 8/side
30 second speed jump rope/Decline situps on bench 20 reps
30 second speed jump rope/floor wipers with 45 lb barbell 6/side (new one!)
30 second speed jump rope/plank on swiss ball 30 second hold
30 second speed jump rope/Hanging leg raises again x 15

50 lb DB swings (2 hand grip) x 30 secs x1

Hopped on the bike for another 5 minutes for a cooldown and showered up.

Later that afternoon at 5:30, I did some heavy bag punching and speed bag punching for 15 minutes and 5 minutes on the recumbent bike.

Tomorrow’s routine of Chris Lopez’s 20 minute workout involves some BW circuits which is pretty cool. Curious, I flipped a few pages and looked ahead to Phase 2 and saw a pretty good Day 6 workout that combines advance burpees with pushups, jumping and pull ups...oh yeah and some planks in there as well...Looks like a killer. I’m flipping back and forth with the 2 phases as the latter (Phase 2) looks just as challenging. There’s a potluck at work tomorrow as one of our peers just got promoted to Nursing Supervisor. Aw man, these food challenges are tougher than workouts!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the 20 minute workout

Just put a few posts at the TT Members site and supported a few friends over there...

Anyway, Day 3 in the books of Chris Lopez's awesome Fitandbusydad's 20 minute workout routine. Rested yesterday as Sunday was Day 1 of the program (matched with some bad nutrition with the game) so I put the strength and tabatas workout in one workout today at the gym with a modified HIIT in the end. Very intense but I like the shortness of it and the exercises involved. It actually took an hour and 10 minutes to complete because I did some very specific warm ups before the actual routine as well as some foam rolling at the end.

Felt really good and I can feel the effects already as I'm typing this.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Music and Workouts...

I'm 34 years old. Grew up with some pretty good groups in the 80's with a little punk, new wave, some pop and rap too. Then came the that one era of the early 90's (Nirvana, Pearl Jam anyone? Remember G n R? Hahah!! Hey you may be laughing now...but you know what's up!)...then to the late 90's and 2k's where we universally would call it alternative or maybe nu metal ala Linkin Park.

Anyway, we're finally in the day and age of mp3 what an invention this little device is and how it impacts my workouts at a personal level. They are so convenient. I'm almost where I can't even workout without one! Other than putting on my workout clothes for the morning, the Ipod is definitely something I make sure gets charged at night and the something I make sure of gets strapped on my arm before I head out the door or do my workout routines at home. I can't stand gym music. Also an mp3 player keeps me focused as opposed to dozing off in LaLa land. And if you're like me and you can't stand the music played in the gym, try channeling that aggression into your workout. That works sometimes too! :)

I love music (but I can't sing for &*(&! on the Karaoke at home!). Music can have an extraordinary effect on your workout and I truly believe that. Studies have shown that music can increase or even decrease (with slow music) strength and intensity. I've seen this happening during spin classes all the time and it works! Music has also been shown to decrease pain sensitivity during exercise. It just totally puts the mind into a state of excitation or "euphoria" if you will (endorphins!!!), preparing your mind to talk with the muscles for the "work" ahead...boosting your energy level and performance out of the ballpark.

I constantly have to change playlists like once a month for some reason. Imagine that. :)

Here's another favorite song by Candlebox called "Far Behind"...sometimes I'll even play this as i get my things ready for the morning or after a cooldown after a kick butt workout. Little sad tune but it gets me back to ground level after a workout:

Simply hanging out...

Wow...what a great time at the tailgate with some good friends of mine as well as one heckuva game at the Q last night! Rivers rocked the house!!!!!

I'll admit, I was a bit wasted by kickoff but this is something very far and between and something I don't plan to do on a week to week basis that's for sure. Carne asadas, beer, lobster, beer, chips...oh did I mention beer? damn!!! I had enough of those things to last a whole week!!! But those beer bongs...whew! :)

My workout yesterday literally went out the door by 5pm...met some pretty nice folks behind our seats who were family of the New England Patriots Safety James Sanders #36.

Time to reset here and re-focus again for a fun workout tomorrow. Cheers!!! Oops. No pun intended.

Here's a picture of some friends of mine and a few friends of friends...obviously none of these beer belly guys work out at all - except for the 2 girls in the middle of the bunch.

Pardon the guy right next to me...this guy was wasted as hell even before we got to the parking lot. Hahahahhaha!!! Now this dud was so drunk he spilled beer in front of a poor lady in front of us during the game. Sigh...honestly he didn't intend to but man, I couldn't help but crack up.

Bottomline though: we're all Charger Fans.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

San Diego..Super Chargers!!!!

Couple of hours and I'm out the door with my LT jersey on and it's heading off to the Q with some buddies of mine. It's a late afternoon game heading into the evening. Expecting gusty Santa Ana winds all day over 20 mph. much for wanting to take my shirt off during the game (Always been waiting to do that one day. Yeah right!!! Hahahaha!!! I was only kidding.) while sipping a beer and chowing down on some grub...nothing like the NFL experience of being at a game. Whoohoo!!!

Anyway, last night while I was posting my blog of Disturbed's Video - I came across a pretty good fitness website by Toronto based Chris Lopez's 20 minute workouts for busy dads ( I understand he is a good friend of Craig Ballantyne's and looking at his workout program I was amazed at how short but efficient the exercises are. It almost reminds me of a program Craig made that I did last September - very short, yet very intense.

So I gave Day 1 a shot this morning at home at 9 am and I like the feel of it. It's an 8 week program and is intended for the 2 year or more experience Turbulence Trainer - hey, right up my alley...

Best thing about this program is that's all it took: 20 minutes of intense exercises (including warm ups here) all in one 20 minute workout. Can't beat that especially with the business of the holidays and cold weather wanting us to skip the trip to the gym. And it's a great home fat loss/strength developing workout routine. Got it over and done at my home gym the minute I got up this morning and now it's off with the days activities with the family and the game coming up this afternoon. 20 minutes...that's amazing.

Ok..time to eat a good breakfast and head out here shortly! Enjoy the Sunday!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today at work me and my friend were hanging out talking about the good old days where we used to workout together 4x/week and just have a blast together each morning while we were doing it...all the time, learning and absorbing every little thing he was telling me, yet not knowing completely why I was doing it. I just went for the ride really early on. But it was his constant pushing and motivation to keep me on the straight and narrow. Now it's a part of me that I will never let go.

It was more than 2 years ago to this day we would get our butts up early am every day almost in the "cold" San Diego weather (63 degrees...whoopee for East Coast people) and just crank out some good workouts. Although we branched out more than a year ago - me doing Turbulence Training and Rosstraining - we still manage to talk about anything fitness, nutrition related and still learn alot from each other.

But I learned and learned rather quickly how it all just "works". You have to have fun doing it or you won't be doing it for so long. When the fun factor isn't there - then why are you doing it? Mix it up and re-introduce old things that worked for you in the past which you enjoyed doing and then go back to the one's of recent (TT/Rosstraining) that worked for you and just constantly keep things fresh and you won't stale out of your workouts...

The push pull system and the HIIT system principle of the Phillips brothers (Shawn and Bill) was something I won't forget ever. They are one of the pioneers in fitness.

Here's a video that's just bad ass. Disturbed's hit single: Indestructible. Saw Ross Enamait have this as his background music on a compilation of some workouts he's done over the years. Just like Ross, you can't forget where you came from and you always have to find ways to just mix it up. This guy's been training for years and he's just simply amazing and love his music selections too...

Here's the video by Disturbed. Definitely bad ass. Check out the guy running up the mountain - dude is lean as hell isnt he (he could work on the lean mass though..hehehe). But the guy running in the desert with a spear in his hand - damn! Whooo!!! The sirens and gunfire in the beginning gives me chills when I get up everymorning and head out to the gym. Definitely a song worth having on your ipod or mp3 player want a song to push you to your limits: this is it.

The video almost reminds me of the movie "300". Spartaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Just kidding. Enjoy!

Going to the Chargers vs New England Sunday night game at the Q tomorrow night. Should be fun and exciting to hang out with some buddies again this time of year...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Forrest Griffin - the Man

Read a great article on Men's Fitness the other day at home on one of my favorite UFC fighters of all time in Forrest Griffin. This guy is an absolute inspiration and works really hard in the gym and his hard work definitely shows in the cage. The guy hates the spotlight and just does his thing.

Reading the article, I saw something that hit the nail for me and I quote him here:
"I'm kind of a low key guy. I don't do whole lot. I eat alot of food. I watch alot of movies and I train alot..." (continued) in regards to training and his sport: "It's more fun for me when it doesn't matter."

This dude is driven.

Wow...great workout this morning. Nothing all that heavy (intend to save that for some days of the month). Push pull approach (upper body) with olympic lifts to start the routine. Push pull was something I've been doing a long time ago when I started...going back to basics here. :)

Time: 0500 hours
commercial gym:
Shoulder rotations, extensions, neck rotations

Warm up circuit x 2:
Squats with 35 lb db front load x 15
Push ups x 15

Superset A (pre weighted barbells)
1a) BB Cleans (60/70/80/90/100x5x5)
1b) Chin ups overhand grip (Bwx5x5)

Superset B
2a) Incline BB Presses (135x3x10)
2b) T bar rows (135x3x10)

Triset A
3a) Cable Flies (60/70/80x3x5)
3b) V grip pulldowns (60/70/80x1x5)
3c) Decline push ups (BWx3x10)

Triset B
4a) Military press with 45 lb BB (No weight) (45x3x12)
4b) Sitting Bentover DB flies (12/8/8/x3x10)
4c) Sitting Lateral Delt Raises (12/8/8x3x10)

Ab circuit (1 set)
5a) Cable chops (30lbs - 10 reps/side)
5b) x body mountain climbers (8/side)
5c) Cable Torso Twists ( 30 lbs - 10 reps/side)

HIIT on treadmill 45 sec/90 sec active/rest

Static stretching.

And for final thoughts:

"Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." - Bruce Lee

Just make it your own...Stay strong!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Strength Training...look at these videos linked from Ross Enamait

Was checking out a blog of one of my favorite fitness internet guru's in Ross Enamait (a man who walks the walk and talks the talk) and he found a few great videos on youtube on strength training. Now that my friends is real strength and self driven individuals that can't be pushed by outside motivations (well some of these guys are in powerlifting competitions..but look how strong they are)'s all in YOU to carry this journey for the longterm. Period.

Check it out here! Awesome, inspiring stuff. Nuff said.

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Program...same mindset

Great "rest week" last week....

Back to hitting it hard and going heavy again nice and fresh on a Monday...1st gym workout today which is really cool.

Mission: blow the fat, increase the mass. 7 more weeks to go. Not letting up one bit.

On a side note, there's something about starting workouts on a Monday. If it's not out of the way in the morning...I prefer to start fresh on a Monday as well. For some reason, it just sets the tone for the whole week of me ahead.

Some swimming during the late afternoon with the kids was something I enjoyed today as well. Here's hoping for the next Michael Phelps here one day. ;)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rest and Recovery...

It’s funny…I was posting a blog yesterday about my home db handles…checking out Ross Enamait’s blog today I didn’t realize he had a blog post about this issue only a few days ago. Very ironic. Haven’t visited his site in some time but he actually brings up some helpful tips for free. So if you have time and need inspiration – check his blog out! It’s awesome and very inspiring. The guy is just totally down to earth.

On to other things TT workout related: after heavy lifting for a few weeks- I've felt like I relaxed somewhat here -- lifted heavy on some Olympic Lifts but I feel I essentially really took a break from some heavy training from September.

Light exercise and just 30 minutes of activity (not sitting in front of a tv eating a bag of chips) will make a huge difference in rest and recovery in the long run. Previous week that past, I took a spin as I was contemplating 2 different TT workout routines…but after much thinking and deliberating – and with my 84 days ending right around Thanksgiving Day - this is perfect for me. I’ll be changing up the program again tomorrow (I found a few other TT programs which I like but I'm definitely going to stick with this plan for sure) with hopes to finish off these last 7 or so weeks or so coming up and it’s another couple weeks on a new program to finish the year..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend ramblings..

One thing I noticed during my TT workout yesterday was the fact that my dumbbells at home suck. I think the handles are terrible and not geared towards heavier loads – I can go as high as 90 lbs on them but honestly the grips are not as good. I got them at Walmart about 2 years ago with some rubber gripping but I noticed they really are a pain on the hand grip!

May need add some electrical tape around the grip handles here….

Anyway, very happy to have another rest day before another tough TT workout for tomorrow.

Thought for the day:

"Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." - Bruce Lee

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm a Finalist!

Ok...just made the final cut on the 28 day Turbulence Training Twitter Transformation Contest so I need your help (whoever's reading my blog). Everybody who's participated in this contest are all winners here in my view. Again, it was all about curiosity and simply just wanted to see what can be done in just 28 days with Turbulence Training...I hope the picture gives Craig Ballantyne's Program some justice.

Need your vote so go out there and help me out (if I deserve it that is!).

The link to cast your vote:

Have a great weekend!

Stay Strong...