Friday, October 10, 2008

Forrest Griffin - the Man

Read a great article on Men's Fitness the other day at home on one of my favorite UFC fighters of all time in Forrest Griffin. This guy is an absolute inspiration and works really hard in the gym and his hard work definitely shows in the cage. The guy hates the spotlight and just does his thing.

Reading the article, I saw something that hit the nail for me and I quote him here:
"I'm kind of a low key guy. I don't do whole lot. I eat alot of food. I watch alot of movies and I train alot..." (continued) in regards to training and his sport: "It's more fun for me when it doesn't matter."

This dude is driven.

Wow...great workout this morning. Nothing all that heavy (intend to save that for some days of the month). Push pull approach (upper body) with olympic lifts to start the routine. Push pull was something I've been doing a long time ago when I started...going back to basics here. :)

Time: 0500 hours
commercial gym:
Shoulder rotations, extensions, neck rotations

Warm up circuit x 2:
Squats with 35 lb db front load x 15
Push ups x 15

Superset A (pre weighted barbells)
1a) BB Cleans (60/70/80/90/100x5x5)
1b) Chin ups overhand grip (Bwx5x5)

Superset B
2a) Incline BB Presses (135x3x10)
2b) T bar rows (135x3x10)

Triset A
3a) Cable Flies (60/70/80x3x5)
3b) V grip pulldowns (60/70/80x1x5)
3c) Decline push ups (BWx3x10)

Triset B
4a) Military press with 45 lb BB (No weight) (45x3x12)
4b) Sitting Bentover DB flies (12/8/8/x3x10)
4c) Sitting Lateral Delt Raises (12/8/8x3x10)

Ab circuit (1 set)
5a) Cable chops (30lbs - 10 reps/side)
5b) x body mountain climbers (8/side)
5c) Cable Torso Twists ( 30 lbs - 10 reps/side)

HIIT on treadmill 45 sec/90 sec active/rest

Static stretching.

And for final thoughts:

"Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." - Bruce Lee

Just make it your own...Stay strong!

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