Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today at work me and my friend were hanging out talking about the good old days where we used to workout together 4x/week and just have a blast together each morning while we were doing it...all the time, learning and absorbing every little thing he was telling me, yet not knowing completely why I was doing it. I just went for the ride really early on. But it was his constant pushing and motivation to keep me on the straight and narrow. Now it's a part of me that I will never let go.

It was more than 2 years ago to this day we would get our butts up early am every day almost in the "cold" San Diego weather (63 degrees...whoopee for East Coast people) and just crank out some good workouts. Although we branched out more than a year ago - me doing Turbulence Training and Rosstraining - we still manage to talk about anything fitness, nutrition related and still learn alot from each other.

But I learned and learned rather quickly how it all just "works". You have to have fun doing it or you won't be doing it for so long. When the fun factor isn't there - then why are you doing it? Mix it up and re-introduce old things that worked for you in the past which you enjoyed doing and then go back to the one's of recent (TT/Rosstraining) that worked for you and just constantly keep things fresh and you won't stale out of your workouts...

The push pull system and the HIIT system principle of the Phillips brothers (Shawn and Bill) was something I won't forget ever. They are one of the pioneers in fitness.

Here's a video that's just bad ass. Disturbed's hit single: Indestructible. Saw Ross Enamait have this as his background music on a compilation of some workouts he's done over the years. Just like Ross, you can't forget where you came from and you always have to find ways to just mix it up. This guy's been training for years and he's just simply amazing and love his music selections too...

Here's the video by Disturbed. Definitely bad ass. Check out the guy running up the mountain - dude is lean as hell isnt he (he could work on the lean mass though..hehehe). But the guy running in the desert with a spear in his hand - damn! Whooo!!! The sirens and gunfire in the beginning gives me chills when I get up everymorning and head out to the gym. Definitely a song worth having on your ipod or mp3 player want a song to push you to your limits: this is it.

The video almost reminds me of the movie "300". Spartaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Just kidding. Enjoy!

Going to the Chargers vs New England Sunday night game at the Q tomorrow night. Should be fun and exciting to hang out with some buddies again this time of year...

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