Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rest and Recovery...

It’s funny…I was posting a blog yesterday about my home db handles…checking out Ross Enamait’s blog today I didn’t realize he had a blog post about this issue only a few days ago. Very ironic. Haven’t visited his site in some time but he actually brings up some helpful tips for free. So if you have time and need inspiration – check his blog out! It’s awesome and very inspiring. The guy is just totally down to earth.

On to other things TT workout related: after heavy lifting for a few weeks- I've felt like I relaxed somewhat here -- lifted heavy on some Olympic Lifts but I feel I essentially really took a break from some heavy training from September.

Light exercise and just 30 minutes of activity (not sitting in front of a tv eating a bag of chips) will make a huge difference in rest and recovery in the long run. Previous week that past, I took a spin as I was contemplating 2 different TT workout routines…but after much thinking and deliberating – and with my 84 days ending right around Thanksgiving Day - this is perfect for me. I’ll be changing up the program again tomorrow (I found a few other TT programs which I like but I'm definitely going to stick with this plan for sure) with hopes to finish off these last 7 or so weeks or so coming up and it’s another couple weeks on a new program to finish the year..

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