Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Stoplight Intervals"

Carpooled and went to the gym once again with my friends this morning for a 5 am brings alot of great times again. Even though we all do our own little things in the gym nowadays - we still manage to respect each others space and do the things we enjoy doing and still have that sharing time prior to work every morning like we used to. We came to the conclusion that this is the time of the year that social support is needed the most. It's been fun!

We all agree that this is our time - a time away from work, from family....ipod's on, splitting up and just have that 30 or so minutes in the gym working our butts off and then hanging out in the steam room for a nice sweat after a great workout and shooting the you know whats for 10 minutes in there before heading off to work - aint nothing like it.

We don't impose anything on each other (none of this "this works or that works better" kind of thing between us) - it's just that mutual respect we have over time as being close friends yet we still manage to have fun with our own individual workouts nonetheless. And that's all that matters...

Fall weather is a great time to be working out in the morning..did day Day 3 of week 3 of the fitandbusydad workout. Read up Craig Ballantyne's stuff at his blog and he did a workout outdoors and that was pretty cool.

30 minutes...we were out the door. Speaking of Craig's workout today, we started doing our own sprints in Downtown San Diego - I'll call it "beating the red light". We would sprint a full block until we reach a stoplight and then we would jog in place and then sprint to the next block as fast as we can until we managed to hit 5 total stoplights...and it was a sprint to the entrance doors to work! Great way to end a fun workout today.


JuJu said...

HEY ANDY! JUST REALIZED YOU HAVE A BLOG!! Will read it all, THEN I'll post a "real" comment! lol

Anonymous said...

WOW Andy!! So cool to read your life-story! I respect you man, you should be very proud of you, not to mention your family!!
And hey, we are on our 30's and it's soo good to know that life is just starting (we are more experienced, self-confident, know what we want, and we have a fit body to keep up with what the soul commands :)) Isnt that the best feeling????
With all the GOOD JuJu!

Andy said...

Hi Juliana...yes, I do have a blog! Hope you enjoy it and get to know me a little more with some of my silly posts.

You should make one too! You know I'll be dropping by for sure....

Hey, thanks for visiting...please come by more often!

Keep rocking it with TT ok?

Much love,

Andy said...

Oh yeah Juju...the Good Juju lives within us. And definitely feels great being fit and in our 30's!!! Wait a old are you anyway?

Roundballnz said...

Now Andy you should know never to ask a lady 'how old are you ?" .......

Andy said...

hahhaha!!! You're right Alex...oops. Sorry Juju! That was mean. :)