Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Power of the Jump Rope

Sorry..late post but a post just the same.

No workouts scheduled for today but did some some delt/shoulder strengthening work with light loads (I still want to take care of the shoulders for strength and for volleyball specific training. Yep, still playing the sport here.) at our work gym this morning at 5 am... finished it off this morning with an ab circuit combined with jump roping with my jump rope and gymboss I took with me in my gym bag.
30 second speed jump rope/Hanging leg raises x 15
30 second speed jump rope/Russian Twists with 35 lb plate x 8/side
30 second speed jump rope/Decline situps on bench 20 reps
30 second speed jump rope/floor wipers with 45 lb barbell 6/side (new one!)
30 second speed jump rope/plank on swiss ball 30 second hold
30 second speed jump rope/Hanging leg raises again x 15

50 lb DB swings (2 hand grip) x 30 secs x1

Hopped on the bike for another 5 minutes for a cooldown and showered up.

Later that afternoon at 5:30, I did some heavy bag punching and speed bag punching for 15 minutes and 5 minutes on the recumbent bike.

Tomorrow’s routine of Chris Lopez’s 20 minute workout involves some BW circuits which is pretty cool. Curious, I flipped a few pages and looked ahead to Phase 2 and saw a pretty good Day 6 workout that combines advance burpees with pushups, jumping and pull ups...oh yeah and some planks in there as well...Looks like a killer. I’m flipping back and forth with the 2 phases as the latter (Phase 2) looks just as challenging. There’s a potluck at work tomorrow as one of our peers just got promoted to Nursing Supervisor. Aw man, these food challenges are tougher than workouts!!!!

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