Thursday, October 16, 2008


Whoa…hotdiggity damn. What a workout this morning!!! Chris Lopez has it going with this workout routine. If you haven’t check this guy out (all you busy dads out there) here's the site: Again, this workout was courtesy of Craig Ballantyne at his website at

Whoo! Did Day 6 of the Phase 2 program over the BW circuits of Phase 1. I really liked the challenge here and I like challenges. May even have to head off to Phase 2 starting next week.

It was a metabolic ladder consisting of a very advanced Burpee routine of a push up with a vertical jump finishing off with a neutral grip pull up supersetted some core strengthening.

Do that for the allotted amount of times indicated for the amount of cycles indicated and you will be sweating like crazy. I know I did.

Definitely had a bit of a rosstraining feel..maybe even crossfit. Definitely kicked my ass today. Topped it off some arm work and more speed jump roping and additional core strengthening work to end the workout. Been a few days since I hopped on a treadmill. May do that for tomorrow and Saturday.


Whatever you do and tackle in life: make it yours and take off with it….

Train hard and train safe!


Donna said...

sounds like a top workout today Andy, good job !

Andy said...

thanks certainly was!

Roundballnz said...

Planning to pull my copy out in Ja 09 - looks like you are having a great time with it ......

Andy said...

Hey Alex...yes, it's a very good program. January would be a great time to do it, too!!