Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treeeeeeeat!

Halloween...just another day for the kids? Well we walked a good 10 blocks around the neighborhood and while walking yup - had to indulge in some nice tasting chocolate candy along the way the kids worked "hard" for.

Anyway, thankfully I still managed a workout this morning and here's how it went:

Strength workout
1) Front Box squats with 85x3x15 (higher reps, lower weight)

2a) One arm DB overhead press 35 lb KB 3x8
2b) DB arm rows elbow out 65 lb 3x8

Intervals via Tabatas
1a) 2 hand KB Swings 20 secs
1b) Burpees with push up and jump x 10 secs (not many reps you can do in 10 secs)
4 cycles.

Ab circuit x2:
Hanging knee raises 2x5
Fast Mountain climbers 2x15
Ab curl ups with 5 sec pause 2x5


That afternoon, hooked up with the boys for some swimming and did some nice laps back and forth. Felt very good with the lats and delts.

Good workout but bad on the sweets today. You can't out train a bad diet no matter what you do and today was bad. Quite a few bad days but still working out regardless because it's fun and it's a part of me.

Really having a blast with this program and am enjoying every minute of it but it's going to be a long difficult winter for the family.... will be looking at some different programs here soon and am hoping to correct it here shortly if the calories can't be controlled!

Happy Halloween!!!!


JuJu said...

Come on Andy, the "cheating" wasnt so bad! I think some witches were flying around though, I also got seduced by and cheated yesterday night (at least my diet throughout the day wasnt bad and I had a TT workout to help also). We dont have halloween in Australia, so no candies around, but there was this big wedding at the hotel and I had a piece of the cake the chef had baked... then when I got home, my cousin was visiting me and we had a glass of red wine with some wasabi peas... and the calories went right up!!
Anyway, it happens with everybody, so dont worry :)
Will catch up with you later!!!

Andy said...

Sorry to hear about what happened to you the other night...bummer! But hey on the good side, there's nothing like a workout to shake it off though. You're a strong willed woman! That's a good thing...