Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Off

Weekend off from workouts this week. Not trying to push too hard and trying to use that 6th and 7th day to really rest out this week and it's back to hardcoring again on Monday. Hoping for a good TT workout coming up over the next few days...whatever the workout is - will still be doing another week here with my current program.

Movie Spoiler: Watched Revenge of the Fallen with the family last night...what a bummer. I'll take Wolverine over this one anyday. Nice effects but this movie really dragged a little for me. We got 5 free complimentary tickets because apparently the film reel had stopped all of the sudden and burned out right at the climax of the movie. We had to literally hang out for 30 or so minutes til we were able to finish the movie in it's entirety. Did see a movie snippet of "2012" however and that looks like to be a pretty good movie coming out in the fall...look out for that one. Looks frighteningly entertaining! Could this actually happen? To see what could happen is pretty damn scary. So folks: cherish every moment you have in your life as best as you can. Life is so short.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Takeru Kobayashi - You ARE THE MAN

This guys is legendary. If you've never heard of him, you must be hiding under a rock. He hails from Japan but has won several Hot Dog Eating Championships around the world. But get this: he sees food as something to "damage" and something to "enjoy" if you will.

Check this video out and IT WILL OPEN YOUR EYES:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 blog!

Ok..been taking my time with getting back into the swing of included. Got back into another familiar yet difficult Turbulence Training Program called the TT Hardcore Fatloss Program...absolutely killer of killer fat loss programs...just a tad bit modified this time to throw a curve ball to an otherwise difficult and advanced workout routine.

But why back to fat loss?

Because I want to! =)Plus I miss power moves and BW stuff that Craig has alot in this program that I really like. Heck there's tons of programs to choose from at his Turbulence Training Website. Just trying to find the right one to use is the hardest!

Anyway, have modified todays complex routine with a complex I got from Alwyn Cosgrove. Great complex routine...and it was A butt kicker. Finished it off with Craig's BW routine that was equally challenging.

Complexes are killer and I love doing's hardcore circuit training in it's truest form. All the great one's have them in their philosophies so I suggest you try them if you haven't yet. They'll kick your butt and they are absolutely awesome for fat loss!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gettin' over the Flu Bug...

Tough trying to fight through a cold. Lost some steam heading into last weekend and got hit hard by Saturday. So I've stopped working out the entire time and just getting my mojo back today and played some 2 on 2 volleyball tonight.

Feeling my body out here. Listening to what it's telling me is very important...taking a week off after 8 weeks of training might be the norm for me here on out. Not making this a race to the finish line as there are no finish lines for me in this journey. Just tackling on different approaches and having fun with it and learning new things.

Lots of weight type training these past 8 weeks. Definitely a change up from alot of workouts I'm used to doing.

Hoping to get back into the swing of things starting next week. I would like to do one more week on my current program and decide what to do for next month...but really contemplating if this is something I really want to keep doing (i.e. mass building)...really miss the total body fitness/athletic approach with different interval training approaches that go along with it.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Filipino Fighters...are the real deal.

From Boxing to MMA...we got some pretty good fighters coming out from Philippines or from Filipino ancestry. Brandon Vera - handsdown - this dude is a beast currently...An RN (hey man, don't get male RN's wrong because we're males!) in Phillipe Nover....was in a recent Ultimate Fighter Series not too long ago...check out the video of some of the finest Pinoy fighters we have currently. Starting with one of the best in the octagon and ending with perhaps the greatest boxer in the ring today.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I don't normally do this...

But I couldn't help see what I saw at the gym today. Don't know why people have an affection for 3 machines:
1) the smith machine
2) the ab curl machine
3) the elliptical

How useless are these pieces of junk? Honestly? I know we've all been there. I used them too. But why haven't people learned enough that these gadgets just don't work as effective as free weights, your own body weight, a stab ball and some effective crunchless core work? It's really beyond me.

-->other side stories to note.....

Just a few days ago, I was involved in a work. Can't discuss the specifics but let's say there was a struggle and help took some time to get there. I had to jump in and had to help out...and that I did. Other than a few bruised knees, a contusion on my right arm and a sore neck...Lets just say I got a few good licks in there.

Which lead me to this: Had I not made that change a few years ago to turn this once obese body around...I don't think I would have lasted a second in that scuffle last Monday. I think I definitely put all that training into good use and got some great compliments that I just "didn't stand around" or run away from the conflict... I held my own out there. I normally don't involve myself in altercations ever - but this happened at work and let's just say I did the right thing.

Functional my line of work - you have to work on functional training as there are alot lifting, moving, bending...and sometimes fighting involved. It's just the nature of the beast. Mirror muscles are nice to have...but never neglect functional strength as for function is a good thing. If you are reading this - put functional strength in your arsenal. You'll never know when you may have to use that strength on something or someone. I know I did.

Enjoy the weekend....

- andy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Evening Workout!

Got a great Turbulence Training Workout in this evening. Yup, this evening. Got home late after having to go to a training course today. Another class tomorrow. Didn't get a chance to get my leg work scheduled in this morning so the minute I got home - I went ahead and did it in my garage. Added some nice hang cleans and plyometric jumping in there as well to start it off.

Thankfully I finally got a home gym! Options are always available fortunately.

Anyway, finding sleep has been better. Trying to get in bed by 11pm if I can...but I'm getting there.

Summer in San Diego..sure doesn't feel like it. It's been June gloom all this week but I love it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Randy Moss Hardcore Off Season Training

Athletic training is fun...those lean muscular physiques you see in football (depending on position of course), volleyball, basketball players have is one to be desired. Look at this video of a few NFL players like Randy Moss and a few San Diego Chargers (WR Kasim Osgood and former Charger Cornerback Drayton Florence) and see what off season training really means to them....some of the methods used here are pretty hardcore.

It sure isn't a vacation out in the Bahamas that's for sure.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Training And Lack of Adequate Sleep

One of my biggest problems is not's getting sleep. That's not good. Again, I believe I train hard..and I train smart. But other than nutrition, one thing I have a challenge doing is getting adequate rest. Something I find very hard to do, yet I still manage to get my butt up early enough to get in the gym between the hours of 5-6 am most of the time. It's already a habit.

I did manage to get a power nap this afternoon...thankfully. That helped. muscles are still sore. I was walking weird all day at work. Having a hard time putting on my back pack...and my lats are on fire. I'm already feeling my shoulders and abs a bit sore too. Wow.

I have to get more sleep. My body's telling me to but for some reason my mind isn't. I've been getting my ass beat everyday since Monday and one thing I notice is when I do programs like what I'm doing now (it's a Turbulence Training Program) is I do get tired mid day but when the evening comes around - I find it so hard to get sleep. It's almost a mental thing for me. So I read a magazine or surf the net to get my eyes tired enough to hit the sack already. Another reason I'm still awake blogging.

Need to train - to sleep more! Time to get some sleep. G'night.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Muscles are hurtin...

What a change up of programs...really different approach here for me. My chest is still sore, my ass hurts...MY RIGHT HAND HURTS and its only a matter of hours where I'll be feeling my back muscles sore here shortly.

I literally feel like I'm getting punched by Pacquiao each time I step in the gym each morning these past 3 days....and there's 2 more sessions to go before ending Week 1 of 4.

Doing a classic TT workout that I'm really getting a different effect as compared to last programs I've done. And I'm constantly keeping food in my mouth again. No cal deficits here...but I need to watch it so I don't get into those splurges. Got to work on that aspect. Also another thing I do need to work on is getting enough sleep at night - something that's very hard to do with a young family and 3 young boys running around the house...I probably average 5 hours of sleep at the most. Not good.


Yesterday's squat work was awesome. I was able to pull off 315 lb on the parallel squat for 2 reps. New personal record right there. Yeehaw!

Anyway, enjoying the new workout and hope to see some results by the end of 4 weeks!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hand a good one last night playing volleyball. Yup, the good ol burn blister from a pancake save last night (which was a pretty gnarly move btw! wish I got that on video!)...

anyway, here's a pic of my right hand with that nice looking "Oww-ie". To think I still played with a jacked up hand was crazy. Still had a great game though!

What's a pancake save? Here's video clip of an explanation of it. This guy looks and sounds a bit stoned though. Hahaha!!!

In action (he didn't need to slide much, I went about 2 feet longer) :

wicked move...but my hand is paying the price! Ouch!

Sorry...had to show my hand here. I also noticed those ugly looking calluses right at the upper part of the palm. Yuck. hahaha!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


First of the program.

After several weeks of Dos Remedios Power Training Workouts - I've decided to get back to a different yet similar type of training: Turbulence Training. Just like the word "diet"...I personally I dont like the word bodybuilding because it just doesn't sound right to me either. Resistance Training sounds alot more health/fitness related than a word abused by many (bodybuilding).

I could easily have stayed the course with Power Training...but I think 6 weeks is good enough. Not a training athlete by any means but I do take volleyball a bit seriously too so it sure was great training like one, and I will definitely be using Dos Remedios' principles quite frequently throughout the year. I learned sooooooo much and definitely see progress with my sport.

If you have no idea what his workouts are, I suggest you check out his book on Amazon.

Athletic training, functional strength...something we should all incorporate in a routine one way or the other in your training...rosstraining, power trianing have all have this in their philosophies and more. But I need a change the next 3-4 weeks. Really feel I got my strength back after laying off actual full weight training approaches from January to April (lots of BW, circuit stuff really). And lots of knee and hip work involved with Power Training so I need to start getting back to really getting more muscle tacked on this body frame. So I'm currently doing a TT routine called the Beach Body workout.

So I took the dip on this great one and ready to run with it for the next 30 days.

Did today's workout and am definitely feeling the effects here.