Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Evening Workout!

Got a great Turbulence Training Workout in this evening. Yup, this evening. Got home late after having to go to a training course today. Another class tomorrow. Didn't get a chance to get my leg work scheduled in this morning so the minute I got home - I went ahead and did it in my garage. Added some nice hang cleans and plyometric jumping in there as well to start it off.

Thankfully I finally got a home gym! Options are always available fortunately.

Anyway, finding sleep has been better. Trying to get in bed by 11pm if I can...but I'm getting there.

Summer in San Diego..sure doesn't feel like it. It's been June gloom all this week but I love it.


matrix2pyro said...


Your dedication and home gym are going to take you over the top. I'm rooting for you man!

Roundballnz said...

Good stuff Andy - keep that no excuses attitude!

Andy said...

Milan...thanks man.

Alex...will do.