Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Off

Weekend off from workouts this week. Not trying to push too hard and trying to use that 6th and 7th day to really rest out this week and it's back to hardcoring again on Monday. Hoping for a good TT workout coming up over the next few days...whatever the workout is - will still be doing another week here with my current program.

Movie Spoiler: Watched Revenge of the Fallen with the family last night...what a bummer. I'll take Wolverine over this one anyday. Nice effects but this movie really dragged a little for me. We got 5 free complimentary tickets because apparently the film reel had stopped all of the sudden and burned out right at the climax of the movie. We had to literally hang out for 30 or so minutes til we were able to finish the movie in it's entirety. Did see a movie snippet of "2012" however and that looks like to be a pretty good movie coming out in the fall...look out for that one. Looks frighteningly entertaining! Could this actually happen? To see what could happen is pretty damn scary. So folks: cherish every moment you have in your life as best as you can. Life is so short.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andy - 2012 looks awesome! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it this November.

I sent you a private e-mail this morning from the TT site.

Hoping to hear back from you.