Thursday, June 4, 2009

Training And Lack of Adequate Sleep

One of my biggest problems is not's getting sleep. That's not good. Again, I believe I train hard..and I train smart. But other than nutrition, one thing I have a challenge doing is getting adequate rest. Something I find very hard to do, yet I still manage to get my butt up early enough to get in the gym between the hours of 5-6 am most of the time. It's already a habit.

I did manage to get a power nap this afternoon...thankfully. That helped. muscles are still sore. I was walking weird all day at work. Having a hard time putting on my back pack...and my lats are on fire. I'm already feeling my shoulders and abs a bit sore too. Wow.

I have to get more sleep. My body's telling me to but for some reason my mind isn't. I've been getting my ass beat everyday since Monday and one thing I notice is when I do programs like what I'm doing now (it's a Turbulence Training Program) is I do get tired mid day but when the evening comes around - I find it so hard to get sleep. It's almost a mental thing for me. So I read a magazine or surf the net to get my eyes tired enough to hit the sack already. Another reason I'm still awake blogging.

Need to train - to sleep more! Time to get some sleep. G'night.



Roundballnz said...

maybe you have "monkey brain" in which case you need to back off the external stimuli about a hour before hitting the sack ..... good luck on the sleep!

Smoketheblowfish said...

Andy, I could've written this post!

It's easier to say "get some rest" than it is to actually do it.

good luck to both of us!



Anonymous said...

Hey Andy! Amen, brother! I have the same to stay up late taking care of a ton of stuff after the kids go to bed.

But we both know how important sleep is, for a number of reasons, so let's both try and hit the sack sooner, starting tomorrow! Deal?

Good post Andy...I'm right there with you!

Stay strong,

Andy said...

Alex...great tip!

MikeZ...its our nutbag insomnia hitting us! hahah!'s a deal!

I got a great night sleep last night. Maybe it was because of the fact I had no workouts planned today. It could be the anxiety of a workout maybe that there are plenty of nights where I just can't hit the sack early enough. You get home from work, kids are all over you, got to get the meals ready for tonight and tomorrow, get my gym stuff ready - you really don't have any "me" time til a certain time of the evening...when that comes around - it's just about 12 mn!!! hahaha!!!