Friday, February 27, 2009

"Engagement Rings"...for fitness?

Another great TT workout in the wraps…and another great workout week overall (well it won’t be officially over until tomorrow’s workout)…Really rested out yesterday (that routine was brutal) and last night’s sleep was GREEEEEAAT. That really brought a lot of energy for today’s early am workout. So I got up at 4 am, strapped on a nice hoodie sweat jacket and some sweat pants and just rocked it out in the garage which was about 55 degrees cold in there.

2 words: Beat up even more after today’s workout…

I will never underestimate the power of BW training…I love ‘em and will always incorporate some form of BW exercise in my training…whether for sport, conditioning or what have you.

Anyway, there’s a good fitness guy and great person to have met online whom I’ve been following on the internet. He has a new program out there (Chris Lopez from and some of his exercise routines involves the use of a nice and effective use of an interesting type of fitness equipment that I myself had decided to invest in today and bought one online at It’s quite a fitness contraption that has been getting a lot of fitness pub lately in it’s use over recent years. As a matter of fact, I remember just the other day - seeing a trainer and his girlfriend using a pair of blast straps at the top of a power rack station and was quite impressed with it’s uses and functions while watching them do pull ups and face pulls with it (the guy was pretty cut up..but his girlfriend was rocking with those pull ups!). And it’s ironic that a very good friend of mine expressed interest in investing in one as well and we both shared some common views about it (as we both like to involve BW exercises in our routines) so it turns out we both like the fact that it does use something we have both yet to try: Blast straps. Yep, the good Olympic Style ring type (well they look more like metal handles and not ring shaped actually) fitness device that does make a good alternative to what maybe certain BW exercises that can be done on a stability ball be even more challenging. And there’s literally tons of exercises that can be done on them! From suspended dips, curls, push ups, leg curls (which looks pretty cool), tricep extensions…you name it: you can do it on these bad boys…

Here’s a tidbit of what Blast Straps are and what they are used for from a pdf from
What are Blast Straps?
The Blast Straps are the newest way to perform bodyweight exercises in a challenging
way. These movements are excellent as they allow athletes to move their bodies
against external resistance in a multi-dimensional environment. They also force athletes
to move their bodies against unstable forces. If you compare a barbell bench
press to a Blast Strap push up, you will notice that the athlete can use the bench, the
floor and the barbell to help stabilize the weight. With the Blast Strap push up, the body
is being moved instead of a barbell and thus the body has to stabilize itself during the
exercise. This incorporates many more muscles because of the stabilization effect.

Nice…more muscle confusion! That's what it's all about for me. Make it interesting!

And one thing about the blast straps… because of the ease of it’s portability, I can take this anywhere and workout anytime…any place…park, home, gym, bedroom…even the workplace…and those were big factors for me to want to get one. That ultimately was the selling point for me to go and get me a pair. Can’t say the same for other equipment out there like the perfect pull up or iron gym as those are a bit too much of a hassle to carry around.

So yep, got one online and can’t wait to give it a go with it soon here.
It’s just another great piece of exercise equipment I can definitely take advantage of to make BW exercises even more challenging and interesting here on out.

Hey whadaya know: a new set of “engagement” rings for my workouts!!!! BLAST STRAPS here I come! =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

"HARDCORE" about the man with the most HARDCORE Abs ever?

Off from work today, I was able to sleep in a little longer than normal which was a good thing for recovery. I think a break was needed. I did absolutely nothing workout related other than watching my nutrition stay consistently solid all day yesterday. Lots of temptations to just say screw this, but hey - kept it in check all day yesterday which I'm very happy to share. Again, great recovery day yesterday so it's back to another day of "HARDCORE"- ness for Day 1 of a new, but very familiar Turbulence Training Program I'm currently doing...

After the gym, it was off to do my weekly groceries and errands (which I normally take care of on Mondays or Tuesdays) and finally was able to take care of everything I think I needed to take care of today which is good. Now I can just sit down, relax and blog for a few here.

As I was at our local grocery chain here, there is one place I like to hang out after pushing a grocery cart for 30 minutes to an hour which is the magzine racks...I like to read sports mags but what I do enjoy reading most are the fitness magazines one in particular is the Muscle and Fitness magazine. And better yet: it's free reading too! Hahaha! I haven't subscribed to this magazine for more than 3 years - I just never had the urge to even try any of those supplements they boast of, and most of their workouts are geared towards bodybuilding ala Mr. Olympia and stuff of that nature. I never wanted to be Arnold huge in that sense and nothing in that magazine really interested me that much because they would never tackle topics like core training, functional strength, circuit training or how to work on lean physiques and improve on muscle endurance and conditioning. But if you've ever read any of these magazines lately - it's funny how the magazine has evolved from 100% Beefcake workouts and supplements to now MMA training and athletic sports conditioning (anybody else notice this trend?). But I don't believe in this magazine because they cater to readers to buy useless supplements.

But if I see a cover story I like, I'll buy it every now and then.

But this issue had something special. The most celebrated abs man of all time: Bruce Lee. It's ironic he was one of the first people I ever posted in this blog...and to this day his name is still iconically legend. His abs are fantastic! That's why this month's issue really caught my eye.

I'd like to point out here a part of that cover story that most caught my eye. It has been reported he never liked to do crunches specifically. I believe he hated them. Instead he would do hanging leg raises with ankle weights. He would hang his legs in a straight position (L position), raise them all the way up to his face and then move them in a circular motion and then bring them down again. That's one rep. How crazy is that?!

I don't believe you have to be in tip top shape to do core work. I think it's something that should be trained at least 3x/week. Stronger core...better power, safer workouts. It all starts from a strong core.

But if his strong, adamant belief that "Power is in the core" is false to the uneducated...I think we should check out the cores of many of the current day combat fighters and athlete's who have tremendous cores: Pacquiao, St. Pierre, Penn, Terrell Owens - and the great female swimmer Dara Torres - to name a few. I think the core training philisophies and approaches that Bruce used to do, only got redefined in the 2k's.

I think Bruce Lee spearheaded the evolution to effective core training and quieted the belief that those endless sit ups were the only way to develop the core. I think with today's athletes...that thought process has changed tremendously.

I remember doing those endlessly...

You da man, Bruce!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This should have been a light day..recovery day...took an unexpected sick leave day from work for personal reasons I had to attend to. Anyway, sore all over from yesterday’s brutal workout c which did include bb complexes and intervals - I was literally beat up this glutes, chest, arms, lats, name it. I should have taken this day as a rest day...

Being it a Saturday and off from work, I seized the opportunity to really do some serious foam rolling, massaging and stretching in the morning in front of the tv in the living room while watching the NFL combine on NFL Network. Anyway, muscles felt really good after that.
Today, I will call this my Reward Day...5 hard weeks of fat blasting so far - it’s hard to imagine there’s still 7 weeks more into this thing. 164 lbs is no joke for me. I honestly haven’t weighed this light in some time.
So, I rewarded myself tonight. We left the kids at home with the nanny and took a couple’s night out with the wife and topped it off with a great dinner together (with kids, they come far and between. Great time tonight.). Knowing this was the plan early on in the day, I knew I had to do something to not feel too guilty if I had to eat more than what I should tonight.

And that I did...

I’ve been wanting to do this workout for since forever. I’ve seen the movie...I’ve read about the workout a gazillion times. Seen it on magazines, on youtube...I even did Craig’s modified TT versions of the 300, 500 and the latest TT 2k9 version of this routine. I have always wanted to do this but never had the guts to, thinking - “this is &*(*&ing suicide if I ever did this! But I want to one day!”. I knew I was going to get a dose of ass whuppin today - and that I got today a good old big time ass whuppin.

I felt this was the I had to give this a try even when I knew it would be in my best interest not to as I can still feel the effects of yesterday’s workout.

Call me a Nutbag...”Go ahead: make my day.”

“Some days were punishment days where our intent was to break guys physically and psychologically.” - Mark Twight

Yep...Mark Twight’s Original “300 Workout” Gym Jones Style.

This was definitely a good punishment....for the reward that layeth ahead.

Time: 3:25 pm
Garage Workout

“The Original 300 Workout”

25 pull-ups (wide grip)
50 deadlifts at 135 pounds
50 push-ups (close grip)
50 box jumps with a 24-inch box (using my bench)
50 "floor wipers" – (a core and shoulders exercise, holding the bar above your chest; starting position is with both feet on the floor, raising it to one side of the barbell tips of feet touching, going back down to the starting position and then immediately lifting both feet up again to touch the opposite end of the barbell still holding the barbell above chest at 135 pounds weight)
50 "One arm KB clean and press" at 36 pounds alternating arms 25 each arm
25 more pull-ups (wide grip) -- for a total of 300 reps

This is the hardest routine I have ever done. EVER. This is a very rigorous routine. NOT FOR BEGINNERS. I literally was soaking in my shirt and sweat pants...and my heart was beating like a drum already by the time I was at my deadlift station of the routine and that wasn’t even half way through. The floor wiper routine is no *()*)(8 joke. My arms were shaking just trying to keep the load over my chest the whole time. FYI: I don’t have a rack at home so what I did was use 2 chairs which are conveniently convex in shape - situated safely from each other to rack the barbell for breathers in between - this is a killer move. I knew I wasnt going to blast through this test without taking breaks throughout. I actually did take quite a few rests and was breaking the exercises into 5 reps throughout until I got to the last 25 pull ups where I was breaking them into to 2's...

On the last and final rep which was the 25th rep of the 2nd set of pull ups (the 300th rep), I held myself up over the bar for a 7 full second count before cursing the living crap of me in joy that this routine was finally over. It took me literally forever to get this routine done - all with proper form. Again: no cheats whatsoever. Every single exercise was performed - all in good form.

Andrew Pleavin, who played Daxos in the movie - the leader of the Arcadians finished it in 18 minutes and 11 seconds.

My time: 43 minutes and 22 seconds. (Back to reality for me once again people! Hahaha...)

I can’t compare my fitness level to any of those guys...those guys are superbly conditioned and probably have all sorts of physio guys, massage therapists, nutritionists and top notch trainers. Going through it only once tells me one thing: how difficult this Original 300 routine really is. I have gained a lot of admiration for many of the people who have done this especially those actors in the movie. Again, I took a lot of breaks here...a lot of them. Very humbling experience but took it head on with an open mind knowing this was going to be one helluva workout. I just wanted to experience it. Again, it’s not for beginners and I don’t recommend anyone trying it unless you have a good amount of exercise experience under your belt. It’s very humbling and if you’re not really prepared for it: just don’t do it. It took awhile for me to want to give this a crack: and it’s been well over 2 years since this routine was let out to the public.

I always dreamed of doing this one day - and even with the time that I had on it, I’m so glad I gave it a fair and honest shot. You really would have to take a few days off before even attempting this routine. I just finished Synergy yesterday...and I really wanted to test my own will and might here with safety in mind throughout. With a new TT program forthcoming for 2 weeks (HCFL): I would never be able to get the time to do this, so why not now and give it a go.

After the workout, it only took half an hour to realize I was getting super hungry and really tired as well. So after eating some hummus and pita chips and chugging on some water with my shirt slowly drying off from sweat - I konked out for about an hour in bed. Got up still kind of groggied out - but still managed to spend a couple’s night with my wife and a well deserved dinner.

As the 300 pic above states: "Tonight we dine in hell!" I think I earned this one! Hahahaha!!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A road less travelled

Run towards your fears.

Embrace them.

On the other side of your greatest fears lives your greatest life.

- Robin Sharma

Overcome our fears and take the road less travelled sometimes...that's where we'll find the real challenges in life!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be Flexible!

Ever put tupperware in a microwave? Like plastic tupperware at room temperature, although's still hard and can still break pretty easily. Heat up plastic and it becomes soft, flimsy and easy to manipulate but for only a certain period of time of course until it turns hard again...

How bout frozen meat out of the ref? Thaw it out and you can do whatever you want with it!

That's why I say: Warm up and stretch!!!

I love warm ups and stretching pre and post workouts...I still can't stress the importance of stretching to one's fitness regimen. Just as important it is to establish good nutritional habits, consistency with exercise - as with stretching - it's all relative and you have to do them. Keep the body fresh and flexible as possible to keep on putting the hurt on some great gym workouts, sport or what have you. In the long helps and avoids unnecessary injuries that could have been avoided with proper warm up and stretching. Much as to how important it is to rest, exercise and eat right - stretching helps muscle recovery and flexibility...SO DO THEM!

Speaking of flexibility, I haven't done much of an actual Yoga session as of late (as my workouts have been kicking my ass) - but still maintaining some Yoga specific principles in my stretching routines (as well as static stretching) post workouts and on off days. Foam rolling is also another excellent approach to muscle recovery as well. Do that almost everyday...

Sorry for the rambling...

Anyway, now at 35 years of age...we gotta take of ourselves out there. We aren't the hotly equipped Lambourghini's like we were in our late teens or early 20's but we sure can can be a nice looking fuel efficient Honda or Toyota running on the least amount of gas and running like new even after years on the road...

We may not be as young as we once were back then, but we certainly can avoid alot of injuries that do come with age! Take that to the bank...

Simply look at Shaq and his dramatic introduction at the 2009 NBA All Star Game...anyone see this one? He's been an All Star for 15 years, about the same age as me and boy he's still going strong. Although a pretty big dude at 7 plus's obvious he takes really good care of his body frame for the most part, or he still wouldn't be the presence he was and still is on the hardcourt. And he still came out co-mvp of this game - in his 30's!!!! And um...if we're wondering about flexibility in our mid-30's, 40's or 50's...think we can't still be flexible at our age? Ha. I beg to differ...Check out this video and check his moves out if you're still in doubt. It's kind of funny but tells you alot about flexibility considering his height, age and sport he plays. Phew! =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Great Ab Circuit and Tabatas Work today

Konked out last night...with only about a good 4 hours of sleep the other night and catching up with some good shows I like to watch on Monday nights (Heroes Rocks!)...I was literally wrapped around in a blanket last night and took an early night's sleep that was well deserved as the TT workout yesterday was a pretty good kick in the rear.

Feeling some pretty good aches all over. Yesterday was a nutritional disaster but today has been alot better thankfully.

Was reading up on some pretty good advanced ab meal plans from Isabel De Los Rios's 12 major nutritional principles and read some good stuff last night. You get those 12 principles down to a won't have to count calories ever again. Very nice tips.

Did some ab circuits and a great tabatas workout for today....TT workout tomorrow...


Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't Create Finish Lines...

This may sound like a little MikeZ aka SmoketheBlowFish here, but I'm posting what my thoughts are right now in this blog:

It's a reality my friends...

I've seen the gym crowd trickling by the numbers every time I head off to do a workout at the gym and there was a time this year where I would see the "rabits" hitting all sorts of weird fitness gizmos like gangbusters. Sweating, screaming in know the whole deal. I look around now and I don't see those faces much anymore. But what I do see is the "tortoises and turtles" - same old folks at the gym who I've always seen there every morning I'm the same hours I go...high fiving and just doing our thing each morning.

Unless it's an injury or your sick or your family is in danger - what is it that makes people not want to keep pushing on when the new year now becomes a distant memory?

Is it the cold weather mornings that make you want to sleep in and skip that drive to the gym to keep your butt from freezing that early? The "Oh, I'll just goof off a bit here and wait to get my abs and beachbody arms ready by the summer. This is the season where we all wear sweaters who's going to notice what's under that shirt?". Believe me, that's one classic I've heard a coworker say to me once.

I know this sounds harsh...but please: give me a break. Take the shirt off buddy...

Or are we just that: nutbags without a cause or just insane enough to constantly do what we're doing when others just pack up thier gym gear for next year. How many more next year's will it take?

But really now...what is it that makes the turtle beat the hare all the time. What makes them drive constantly - almost every day for 30 minutes to 45 hours a day (sometimes longer) - when the New Year Resolutioners just seem to die down day by day?

What gets in the way as to why people drop the exercise routines and go back to those old bad habits? Life getting in the way? Of course it does...and it should. I've been that route one too many times but you have to make the time. Again, you owe that much to yourself. Think about it.

Life is what you make it - so sorry to say this: but suck it up and deal with it.

The answers may sound simple but hard: It's inner drive...INNER MOTIVATION and nothing else. Don't make it a competition with others...but rather make it a challenge for yourself to keep pushing on and keep moving on.

You can only push you. But don't be pushed around by anyone else either. Do it because you want to do it.

Don't make finish lines like the resolutioners do...because they always never seem to reach it. But always intend to keep pushing the ticket every time you hit that iron. Expect this: it's always going to be an on-going journey here...and never ever make a finish line.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Complexes are Fun...and effective.

Soreness has been getting better today from 2 days of pretty intense workouts...

Anyway, just like circuits...overtime, I've been a huge fan of the Complexes. Istvan "Steve" Javorek's complex routine pioneered and spearheaded this awesome approach to athletic conditioning. Since being exposed to this type of training for less than 2 years ago...I've been having fun with this approach to fat loss as well as it's conditioning benefits. It's very metabolic! A friend at TT had suggested this to me about more than a year ago (Ace...where are you man.).

Rule #1: Don't let go of that Barbell throughout the complex circuit. Grip will certainly be tested here, especially after doing this after a workout routine. It's also a good way to burn fat as an off day exercise as well.

You can use KB's, DB's but the best Complexes are with Barbells...I just need to use lighter weight. =)

You can mix and match pretty much any type of exercise in one round of a complex (saves you from running all over the gym or at home because you generally would use one challenging weight the whole time). I usually start them off with a power move like a high pull or a clean and like connecting dots - I would tackle each major muscle group after that.

Here's a good one:

Power Cleans
Push Press
Good Mornings

The combinations are endless for a total body workout or just a plain kick in the ass for off training work.

Turbulence Training, Rosstraining, Chris Lopez's FitandBusyDad Routines, Cosgrove and Dos Remedios all have all pretty stellar complex routines in their programs.

Did a complex routine with a Smith Machine...big difference...BIG DIFFERENCE. Free weights is the way to go here.

You just can't go to heavy to go 3-4 rounds and expect your grip to hold will get fatiqued. Get a decent challenging weight you can handle for 6-8 reps/exercise (usually 5-6 different exercises in a complex) and just get busy with it.

There's literally tons of approaches to do High Intensity Interval Training...this is just one of the great ones to do other than sprinting on a treadmill, grass, beach or track or jump roping or biking or what have you. I still like to run for HIIT but for times when you don't feel like pounding those knees too a complex for some high intensity interval training!!!

In closing, here's a great tip from Craig Ballantyne:

"89. Unattended problems will not go away, but will usually get worse. Anticipate and avoid problems – or meet them head on at the outset. Overcome fear by attacking it.

Fat Loss
• Bad habits that lead to poor eating and skipping workouts must be attacked head-on.
• If you are intimidated of the gym, you MUST go to the gym!
• Overcome fear. Destroy weakness.
• It will not get better by avoiding it.
• Become a Nike Robot. Just do it."

I like that...


Onto other things...I made MikeZ aka STBF's - NUTBAG AWARD for Superior Nutbagness. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahh!!!! He's is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Board and I take the honor in accepting this recognition, Sir Mike.
Thanks Man! =)

Kings Of Leon...ever heard of that group? Here's a video of one of their great songs in their new album: "Only By the Night" entitled "Manhattan".

Here's another one called "Revelry"

Wouldnt really consider it gym rockin music but very alternative and really cool tunes to have on your ipod or your CD player in your car. It's just a great mix of instruments and voice...very good quality if your into that type of music genre.

Get it on itunes, get the CD, burn it...whatever - you have to have this on your music library. 5 Stars...


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Euro Training....say what?

I don't know what this is but I found these hillarious videos on youtube and whatever this fitness craze is called: "Eurotraining"....this must be the latest fad in nutbag fitness =) :

I guess this is called a signature staple move of Euro Training:

I wish I had this ability to do the bench:

How's about this for intervals and plyometric training....

I guess the silver lining in this comedy fitness snippet is this: find a program that works for you...learn the system, understand the movement, understand the body and incorporate these philosophies in your exercise routines with that concept in mind - always. It's ok to second guess but be a sponge and learn the why's to a certain exercise and not merely just do them as they are written not knowing why we're doing them in the first place. It's ok to aim for the stars (we all should)...but if you get to that disappointment that the workouts are not "you" if you will: find your own little niches and you'll enjoy exercising even moreso.

And keep on learning new things...that's what keeps it going!

I was once almost coaxed into trying this system called P90X. My workout buddy said this was the coolest thing out there. After doing only one session of this workout 2 years ago - I was like: "Uh-uh..this isn't me." So I canned it and eventually started breaking off with my workout buddy with different approaches...he continued to do p90x...for the next few weeks, then did some Muscle and Fitness workouts as I on the other hand slowly but surely absorbed alot of things I found fascinating with Turbulence Training, Rosstraining, Volleyball strength and Conditioning workouts and FitandBusyDad workouts...almost all these workouts are geared towards what I want so I took that path and so glad I didn't fall off either.

We can't do every little exercise program under the sun...but we can always learn something new with some time and patience. That would take years to know every little exercise program there is on this planet!!! Plus, we'd all be personal trainers to boot wouldn't we.

But if we learn to appreciate a few of those great programs that have been tried and tested that really work...and believe in the system that they are in fact legit and really worth every penny and sweat you put in the gym - those are the one's you really have to trust in, listen to and take to heart.

Stick to it and keep it going. If you fall down...don't get discouraged but get your ass back up and never give up on your matter how long it may take to get there.

Trash what's useless (Eurotraining)...absorb what's useful...and make it your own!


On schedule

As I had my measurements taken last Friday, the trainer whom I've become good friends with gave me some really encouraging that I wanted to hear too at 4 weeks in: "Continue what you've been doing the last 4 weeks and what ever results you got to this date, x that by 8 more weeks --- you will get your ripped abs." Having abs is alot different than having a ripped set of abs.

Big difference here.

Vain? Maybe...but who cares? I do! I want to get that rippedness and if I can just continue this for another 8 weeks and stay this course - I know I'll get there. So that means shooting for 90% compliance with nutrition and working my ass out with some great TT programs.

It's going to be hard. It's going to be super damn hard.

Yesterday was an off work a coworker had brought in some surprise cake for guess what? My birthday! Ahem...that was like more than a week ago. Anyway, it was an extremely busy day on top of it being a 12 hour shift as well so on top of the cake we got pizza and buffalo wings as a treat for the "hardwork" we were doing that about food challenges: this was it.

But here's the deal. I didn't have breakfast yesterday expecting the worse here at work. So when I found out about this little potluck thing going on, I took every single food I liked and put it on a plate. The best thing about it was - I hardly even ate the cake! I definitely took a good amount of the cake and put it aside on a nice small styro bowl, foiled it and took that home to my boys; I then grabbed 8 pieces of buffalo wings and a slice of pizza and litterally was taking bites of that plate the entire day...again all it was was 8 pieces of wings and a slice of pizza with some Coke Zero to wash it down.

In alot ways that would be considered a cheat meal for alot of us (on top of your every 3 small meals right?) but I was like a bird taking little pecks at the plate all day while on the move... Well, ok I did take a few bites off the cake to be honest with you. But nothing extra on top of this but 2 small corn on the cobs for an evening snack when I got home and brought home that delicious cake my family enjoyed.

I laugh at this looking back at it...but that's how I tackled this unexpected nutritional obstacle that is very common in the workplace on some weekends.

On the spot gameplanning...I think I won this one.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Blog I Highly Recommend

I subscribe to a few good blogs around the fitness internet world...but I have one blog I want to share with you.

His name is Erik Ledin...I've been reading up on this man's blog for quite sometime now as I recall a transcript from Craig's site on fat loss strategies and how to be successful at it. And like CB, Ross Enamait, Chris Lopez: this guy truly knows his stuff.

Erik is a Physique Transformation Specialist. He runs a fitness business called Lean Bodies Consulting. I would often learn alot of transformation tips from just his blog alone. I also learned alot of other things fitness related from strength training to diet approaches...the whole nine yards. He's another guy I look up to that definitely knows what he's talking about.

Check out his latest blogpost about the scale and his personal rants on it. and believe me, it's so true. Reading that one post again really gave me a wake up call I needed personally.

Let's not get too paranoid over a scale....

By the way...he hates the Biggest Loser Show. Can you blame him?

Here's his post on the scale and the whole bit:

Erik's Rants About the Scale


Week in Review

Week in review…

- 166 lbs, 1% TRUE BF lost in 2 weeks…I’m taking this. I'm averaging just about 0.5% bf lost per week after monitoring it more closely since checking them routinely since 1/9/09. Before I started religiously tracking this once again...I was at about 175 lbs late last year (kind of ballooned up to 175 after the twitter contest had ended back in September). So that's about 9 lbs weight lost if I think about it to this date.

- Workouts and Off Day routines have been great to this date…I’m taking this.

- 18 wide grips Pull ups…I’m taking this.

- Rest and recovery has been beneficial this week.

- Abs are definitely starting to show again…I’m definitely taking this!

As for all my body fat…you can take that! Any takers? I hope not!!!

Goals for next week:

- 19 or 20 wide grips. I'm taking Smoke's challenge this week.

- Lose .5% more body fat.

- Lose another pound here. 165 here I come…again.

- Continue to maintain sound nutritional strategies, with a little break here and there. Although I don't really have a diet journal here...I've been really standing firm for the most part with some cheats and some "prohibited" eats here and there. Hey, our body needs that and I won't get too paranoid over some lost nutritional battles throughout the week. It seems to be working so I'm sticking to it.


Forward progress here...and I'm really, truly excited about these next 8 or so weeks coming. May have to drop the strength training with the deadlifts and squats here for the next 8 weeks. The TT programs have been great so far...more tracking and more honest accountability really does help. Hoping to keep with other extras I like to do on off days when I like to circuit train, do a few weekly challenges and work on pull ups – I’m definitely hoping to keep this up here. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Bruce Lee Snippet...

Be like water...what does that mean to you?

Very philosophical quote there by the's always been something I dwell on from time to time. Be like water...water is clear, water is pure. It takes form of whatever it puts itself into, like he says. So I'm guessing water here is compared to the "effort" and "commitment" we put into some goal we have. If we put our best efforts in into anything in life - again, it doesn't have to be perfect - but just our honest and best attempt at something we strive to be or want - I think that's all that should matter here. It's all a matter of choice and what we choose to do. And like can "flow" or it can "crash". And I agree here. Again, it's all a matter of choice. We get what we put in...but only we can choose whatever direction in life we want to take to get there.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Personal Weekly Wide Grip Challenge...and a little experimentation!

Did 18 Wide Grip Pull Ups this morning...2 more from last week. That is huge for me!

Off from any formal TT training today (EDIT! - I'm lying. I did do some TT Style Cardio/BW stuff today as well as an Advanced Torso Training routine. ~ Andy) I wanted to do an EXPERIMENT - because my curious mind wants to know!

Anyway, this afternoon, I took a video of myself experimenting if there were really any true differences in using lifting hooks in a pull up or chin up. They really helped me alot starting off when trying to improve on my chin up pull up technique but I just really wanted to see if there was in fact any difference at all... fast forwarding to today.

Watch the video and hear my thoughts on it:

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling really good with the workouts..and some volleyball tonight for fun!

The Super Bowl is over (great game)...the splurging is over there should be nothing else to think about until Valentine's Day...ahhahaha!!!

Did a great workout this morning that was really fun and very energy taxing indeed....I like that. Heavier weights...more power lifting moves. These workouts are what really kick me into high gear and full of energy throughout the day. It's great. Just really need to watch the meal intakes because the tendency for me (which is my downfall) is to really eat whatever is out there...nutrition has been subpar these past few days...hope to make it up here and move on though.

Another great volleyball match tonite after work...really feels good to play out there once again.

Off Day tomorrow!

~ Andy