Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling really good with the workouts..and some volleyball tonight for fun!

The Super Bowl is over (great game)...the splurging is over there should be nothing else to think about until Valentine's Day...ahhahaha!!!

Did a great workout this morning that was really fun and very energy taxing indeed....I like that. Heavier weights...more power lifting moves. These workouts are what really kick me into high gear and full of energy throughout the day. It's great. Just really need to watch the meal intakes because the tendency for me (which is my downfall) is to really eat whatever is out there...nutrition has been subpar these past few days...hope to make it up here and move on though.

Another great volleyball match tonite after work...really feels good to play out there once again.

Off Day tomorrow!

~ Andy

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fitness-siren said...

You're supposed to think of Valentine's day before the actual That is, if you want extra brownie points :)