Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Bruce Lee Snippet...

Be like water...what does that mean to you?

Very philosophical quote there by the's always been something I dwell on from time to time. Be like water...water is clear, water is pure. It takes form of whatever it puts itself into, like he says. So I'm guessing water here is compared to the "effort" and "commitment" we put into some goal we have. If we put our best efforts in into anything in life - again, it doesn't have to be perfect - but just our honest and best attempt at something we strive to be or want - I think that's all that should matter here. It's all a matter of choice and what we choose to do. And like can "flow" or it can "crash". And I agree here. Again, it's all a matter of choice. We get what we put in...but only we can choose whatever direction in life we want to take to get there.

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