Thursday, April 30, 2009

Power Training!!!

Man...great workout this morning. One move I'm starting to enjoy is the Hang Power Snatch! Here's a video of the movement of a guy snatching 135 lbs (I'm far from that!). But here it is:

Left the ego at the doorway upon entering the work gym this morning...played around doing the movement with a bar for a bit and had a great run of sets progressively using 5lb plates til I worked up to a 95 lb load for a 4x5 routine of Hang Power Snatches. Look pretty weak as I was looking at the loads on each side - but man it felt great!

Time: 5 am
Commercial Gym

I. Warm Up Circuits x 2
Jumping Jacks x 40 reps
Push ups x 8
Neutral grip pull ups x 5
BW Squats x 8

II. Workout

Hang Power Snatch (4x5) 45, 65, 75, 85, 95

Back Squat 135x2x10, 185x1x6, 185x1x4

a1) One Leg RDL's using 20 lb DB 4x10/leg
a2) Bench Press 135x3x10, 135x1x6

b1) DB row and Twist 40x4x10
b2) Push Press 30x4x10

c1) One Arm Lat Cable Pulldown 30x4x10
c2) BW dips 4x10

III. Treadmill Intervals 30/30 9/10 intensity - 6 cycles - 3 minute cooldown.

IV. Static Stretching...

Nice one...just finishing off my home gym so that's pretty much been taking my time this past week so I haven't been blogging much...but training has been consistent with Dos' workout since my week off. High volume but having a good time with it.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Morning Workout...

6 am
Garage workout

Warm up of rotations, push ups, squats...

a1) Muscle Snatch (Bar only) 45x5x5
a2) Heavy bag punching for 30 secs

b1) 1 leg Squats on chair BW 4x10/leg (very hard, took breaks between reps. Finished all reps)
b2) Jump ropes 60 reps

c1) BB RDL's 135x1x10, 185x2x10, 135x1x10
c2) DB split jerks 20x4x10
c3) Bentover DB Flies 20x4x10

d1) 1 arm DB chest press on Stab Ball 45x4x10/arm
d2) Band Face pulls seated on Stab ball(30 lb resistance. Slow movement. Concentrating on contraction) 4x10

e) Chin up Bw x 4x10

f1)Complex (my own routine):
- 5 REPS PER CYCLE with 45 sec rest between each superset. 3 sets.
- Plank to Push up (hands on 20 lb db) to Mountain Climber (1 rep/side) to Renegade rows (1 rep/side) = 1 rep
Notes on this move: need to position feet a tad bit during this move but otherwise killer.
f2) ab wheel rollouts kneeling (3x10)

- 9/10 intensity - 30 secs; 30 sec rest - 6 cycles
- 3 minute cooldown

III. Foam rolls and stretch

Off to take to the kids to school now...


Friday, April 24, 2009

A Typical Remedios Workout

Here's a Typical Remedios Workout I did this morning:
Time: 4:45
Garage Workout

I. Warm up circuits with med ball
Big circles, squats to press, mountain climbers

II. Workout
Straight sets:
- BB Snatch Pull 95x5x5 (explosive)
- Deadlift 115x2x6, 165x2x6 (strength)

a1) 1 leg BB RDL's 45x4x10
a2) DB Flat bench press 65x4x10

b1) Seated one arm band pull 60 lb resistance (bodylastic bands) 4x10/arm
b2) Pike Push Ups feet on bench 4x10
---killer superset!----

c) Assisted Side to Side Pull Ups on chair BWx4x10 (straight sets)

*** Core ***
c1) Med ball Wood Chops 4x10/side
c2) Plank Walk Up - 30 secs

6 cycles = 30/30
3 minute cool down

IV. Foam Rolls

Note: Explosive, Power, Strength. High volume work. I've been getting up earlier to get these workouts in all week long. Felt good. All these exercises are under the power training principles - full body, athletic based. No isolation movements. Added deadlifts in there as well. I prefer to do intervals at the end of each session. I like to do the first sets of exercises as straight sets and then superset the rest of the way (except for the pull ups this morning).

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dos Remedios' Power Training

Stepping out of the box a little bit here and working on a new program. I was really enjoying the power lift exercises like the hang clean and high pull move which I learned through Turbulence Training...the cleans, jerks and snatches I learned in Rosstraining and Hybrid Lifts I learned in Chris Lopez's Programs - but again if there ever was one exercise I will never get tired of would have to be the deadlift (sorry had to bring that move up again! hahaha!)

Seriously though, as much as I enjoy doing these guys' programs throughout the year (and really: I can switch from these guys programs on a month to month basis and not get bored ever) - I stumbled across a book at Barnes and Nobles on my birthday back in January and as a treat purchased Dos Remedios' Power Training Book at a mall. Flipping through the pages I didn't realize that there was so much more exercises out there that I have never tapped into. I was really training hard recently during my 12 week transformation at Turbulence Training...recently took a well deserved break trying to figure out where I wanted to go with this the next few months through the summer. So since January till my week off from training, I was also reading Dos' book - trying to understand his philosphies to see if this would meet some of my own goals.

I learned so much from that book. Just like Rosstraining (another great fitness book)...I'll admit: it's a valuable book based on his principles. But learning the philosophy is one thing...applying it takes alot more.

If there's one thing I always wanted to do was to be good at from the start was program creation i.e. utilizing sound exercise principles to achieve a certain goal be it fat loss, conditioning, strength, mass building. But experience was the best teacher for me and I'm finally able to recognize where my niches are now and not be lost in space with my workouts any more. I was lost and mislead so many times in the past from fitness magazines - to be able to do solid, legitimate programs like Turbulence Training, Rosstraining and Fitandbusydad's - really opened my eyes even wider. I'm far from being a personal trainer but I'm smart enough to know what works for me and what doesn't to reach my own goals.

Dos Remedios' Power Training could be another one for me here.

What I really enjoyed here these past months of reading his book was the other benefits of the barbell - which is more than just a piece of gym equipment to do presses on a flat bench (the most overrated exercise I think in gyms these days and the most prone to injury as well). Just like the Kettlebell...the Barbell was something that drew my interest this past year in it's uses once again. I was like " is just more than just flat bench presses". You can do anything from a wide variation of squats, variation of deadlifts, goodmornings, shrugs, rows, presses...barbell complexes to hybrid lifts - you name it. It can definitely be done with this potent piece of gym equipment! I was always intimidated by it since my friend suffered a complete tear of his pectoralis tendon almost a year ago today.

So these past few months of reading Dos' book and learning new things along the way -I've decided to give his Power Training philisophies a good honest spin. Only did 2 routines this week so far which have been really fun and challenging. To actually go through Dos' routines these past few days made me appreciate just how effective they are not only for developing strength and power for sport as well as functional strength but also to work on that athletic look that I like.

This should be fun!

Learn new things in fitness - it's good for you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just another Manic Tuesday...

Been another busy Tuesday again..never really had the opportunity to really get online at all today. This evening things were able to settle down a bit - my only chance to catch up with my blog. Feeling much better today and feel like things are back to normal for me. So today's events were: getting up to get the kids to school, groceries, working on my home gym (got some good stuff to share soon), working on a backyard project with a friend, picking up my kids from school, taking them to McDonalds for lunch (had a nice tasty grilled chicken wrap for those wondering what I ate), bathing them and then taking them to intro soccer at 5 pm and then still preparing their dinner!

Definitely a fit and busy dad day for me, Chris! =)

Did an off day routine in the garage this afternoon. Was pretty damn good. With what time I had on my hands all day (if any at all) - this really kicked my butt.

Again...been doing some work in the home gym these past few days that's kept me quite busy on my off days - re-arranging things and adding a few things which I hope to share here soon.

Have a great one!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

50 Inch Vert - Eye Popping.

This video of Leonel Marshall of the Cuban Men's National Team just boggles my mind each time I watch this video. Athletic Training and conditioning put into use right there (and some natural God given talent and skills too.)! Phew!

Nuff said. Check out the video:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Ramblings....

I've read up a study that was made last year (internet is so awesome) that showed that six in ten people who sign up to a gym quit within 6 months. Perhaps it is in the interest of those who make money from such things for people not to be shown the correct way to train. No direction = no progress. Where are the revolutioners from the New Year...where are the people who've made the initial commitment that are no longer to be found?

A gym membership down the drain...these days with the recession and money being so, soooo tight - that's alot of money wasted if you've only used that gym card 6-8 times during the last 6 months!!!! Think about it!

What about to those that have reached significant goals and then get stopped at the crossroads. You have to figure out what is going to continually work for you and commit to it. Don't stall out. Fill that tank up with more goals!

Back to the gym environment we all seem to go to... I hear this in the gym: "Work to to failure...train on a an elliptical for 30 minutes 6x/day - you'll get results." Sounds similar? Throughout gyms I hear the 5 sets of ten to twelve reps of each exercise -- pushing the human body over it's limit, wasting time for needless reps and exercises. How bout this one: three to four exercises per body part/one body part per day...again does this sound too familiar? How about those endless circuits to no end? It does sound plenty familiar to me in so many ways - as I was one of them once...sounds alot like a page from Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Those endless hours in a gym...not getting a single positive thing to take from all that overtraining of our bodies. Lot more is never a lot better. I'm a firm believer nowadays that that's just a myth and a pile of &*(&S*#t.

Not getting to your fitness goals? Look what's right there in front of you. Do you have a legitimate workout program and solid nutritional strategy to compliment it? If you do, blow the dust off from those pages - and do it to a tee as best as you can (if you have to modify here and there...that's fine - as long as it fits your actual program scheme to stay the course.)

Again have faith and believe in the approach you choose. There are better more time efficient ways to go about it here. Go with the shorter, yet intense training approaches in your repertoire and you will reap the benefits (again this is assuming your nutrition is good). There are plenty of legitimate's just a matter of taking it full on and staying consistent.

Again, it is a mindset. It is all in your mind that your muscles will shrink or you will not gain as much if you train less. If you eat smart and train smart - shorter, yet intense workouts will work for you. I can put my money on that approach any day...

You'll get to those goals in no time.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Full On Weights Again..phew!

Full on weights again. Under the weather just a bit - but really feel my legs really heavy from the leg work from yesterday. Talk about breaking yourself in after a whole week off. I can really feel the effects of full on weight training once again. I can hardly walk and almost doze off to lala land earlier at work. Eats are good but I think 2 days off is a good thing at this point.

Here's a quote from the Man, Bruce Lee to end this short blog post:

"If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."

Have a great weekend! Train hard...but always train safe!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Power of the Deadlift

Just want to ramble about the Deadlift exercise today...

Boy...the great feeling of the deadlift exercise - by far the best exercise in the universe. I love the deadlift. It works every muscle from your traps, back... all the way down to the muscles of your legs. I believe if there's any true exercise that can really develop multiple parts of your body - in just one move - this has to be it. It works your traps, core, back, legs... and I'll admit you do feel that sense of power when lifting that iron off the floor up to your hips in one solid move. can do this move for a few strength sets and that would be your workout for the day.

I did a few deadlifts the other day and although light as it may seem (I am barely getting back to lifting weights again) - I felt it the next day. I honestly felt it really good.

Deadlifts are primarily a "hip dominant exercise" that primarily works the thighs, hamstrings, and butt. But that's not the only muscles that are worked here!!! Not only does it work those big muscles of our body (legs) also hits the traps, the BACK, the lats, the quads, the glutes, the arms and forearms - and your CORE - all in one controlled, fluid move which only proves a point that the deadlift produces more results than the bench press and the squats.

I remember I was doing some nice deadlifts while doing a TT-specific program called the TT Hard Core Fat Loss program during the 12 week contest that just ended recently (2nd Place)...and here's just a pic I took around my 8th week:

Do the deadlift!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2nd Place!

News Flash! News Flash! News Flash!

I just got some great news only hours ago from Craig Ballantyne creator of his revolutionary workout program called Turbulence Training - that I had just won 2nd place for his 4th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest (male category)!!!

I honestly had no clue about this and just stumbled on the news at his dedicated forum site at I had logged online early this evening after being out of the house the entire day (well, I think you knew that already if you read my previous post.) =)

I would just like to take this opportunity in my blog to thank everybody who supported me throughout this great journey of mine since Day 1 which goes waaaaay back to September 5, 2006 when a very good friend of mine made me realize the joys of exercise once again at a weight of 225 lbs. To my family, close personal friends, the online fitness community (forums, email, blogs). My sincerest thank you's to each and every one of you...I really think winning in a contest like this only tells me one thing - that my own personal transformation has always been real and my motivations always genuinely sincere. So to everybody since Day 1 (that goes back to September 5, 2006) to now and beyond - my sincerest thanks to every single one of you. Although I always stress the motivation is always in the individual...throughout my own journey I also found that I continue to find that motivation from each and every one of you guys too....everyday.

And again - you all know who you are. =)

2nd place, feels so great. I've always dreamed to be recognized to be up there with past TT Transformation winners - but I always knew at a personal level - I was always a winner no matter what. This is just a great way to close out a great run at an 84 day transformation right before Easter. But it doesn't stop there...and it shouldn't. I'll keep rocking it out as always. Guaranteed. No stops here. long as I'm able to...this fitness journey will never come to an end and I will always try my best to use myself and my experiences as a means to inspire and motivate others if not myself. All it takes for me to find that motivation at a personal level is to look at that guy- on the right of this blog at 225 lbs in a pool with his shirt off. That's all it takes...and that's why I may never take that picture away from this blog.

The man in the mirror will never ever lie to you.

Very Special Thanks to Craig Ballantyne once again for the great programs...for more information on how to get started on your own personal journey's to fat loss and to find that motivation to get started...Turbulence Training should be your first stop. It's handsdown maybe the best investment you've ever made in your fitness journey. Give it a try and hope to see out on top in the next forthcoming Contest!

And when you do make the right decision to get started with Turbulence Training - remember: Lean with it, Rock with it!!!!!! And please tell Craig I sent you! =)

Thanks again...


For more information on Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training HERE! (Trust me, you won't regret it! It truly works.)


Busy Day Today

(Got a newsflash coming up here shortly)'s been one busy day for me for the Apsay household. NO work today so I got up at about 6:30 am...managed to get my off day workout routine in and got the boy's ready for their 1st day of Tiny Tots School for the Spring (their 3rd enrollment in the past 12 months in preparation for Kindergarten) and it's off to Kinder for the twins in June...time has flown so fast for these boys - we as parents can't believe it. After that, it was busy ol Tuesdays once again for me personally as we had to get our car's checked in for regular scheduled maintenance work, do some groceries and still bring the boys to Pre Soccer Kicker School at the local rec at 5pm. LOOOOONG DAY. I was so impressed with how the boys were able to learn how to follow instructions other than from their parents...learning about exercise at such an early age (if they haven't already from their dad. LOL!). Again, it's good for them to start to learn these things at an early age of 4.

Next thing you comes the 3rd intallment going through the same ordeals...

Life is just a wonderful cycle...

Soapbox onto another blogpost here shortly...hey another Soap Box...a 2fer! Hahahaha!!!

It deserves a seperate blog post all on it's own....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm A Finalist!

Happy Easter to all! Hope you all had a blessed one with your family and was a truly a great weekend spent for the Apsay family... =)

News Flash!! News Flash!! News Flash!! News Flash!! News Flash!!

I made the final cut at the 4th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest! =)

And what a run it was...I got my abs back!!!

It's been a great 84 days for me and what a way to end it to be selected as a finalist in Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. Everybody's made great transformations and it's only a true testament that Turbulence Training does indeed work. Congrats and high praise not only to every contestant but to Craig Ballantyne himself for creating such an effective program that's definitely proven for Fat Loss. Every great guy and gal at the Turbulence Training Forum have all did an excellent job and my hats are off to each and every one of them for the strong support they've given me through this...again, your support has been tremendous and means so much to me at a personal level. Thanks all know who you are! =)

Again, congrats to all the participants and also to all the finalists...and to everybody who is using TT for achieve their own personal fitness goals. Your decision to do Turbulence Training is probably one of the greatest fitness decisions you will ever make.

Keep rocking it...KEEP ON ROCKING IT.

So if you're reading this now, PLEASE cast your vote (for me hopefully!). Please note, there is a seperate category for 1st place which was split up into male and female, so if you want to vote (again, hope you vote for me!), go to these links:

For the men category (yes, I'm a male. I'm the fourth dude on the link): Click HERE!

For the female category: Click Here!

And send this out to friends and family...who knows, they might not only be inspired by these guys and gals but may even want to give TT an honest try at it and who knows..they may be the next TT Contest winners in the future!

I am a TT Forum hope to see you there!

Onto other's been a great week off for me. Just to be able to relax and recover I feel has helped me heaps. Did some great Yoga today, shoulder strengthening exercises and some foam rolls this morning - keeping an even minded head on the programs I'm intending to use in the next coming months. I feel pretty good and the week off just made me even more focused with my next TT program on the horizon which starts tomorrow.

As far as they are:

1) continue to burn fat, maintain if not improve lean mass (it's all 90% nutrition)
2) improve overall conditioning
3) improve strength i.e squats, deadlifts (I think I may have dropped significantly with those 2 moves)
4) improve core strength regularly with direct ab work 3x/week
5) able to utilize different yet similar philosophies in hopes to continue metabolic resistance training methods (Turbulence Training and others)

Nothing different from my the last 3 months...or maybe the last 2 plus years - just always wanting to challenge myself every single day in this great new lifestyle I discovered. Been through alot of sweat, tears, injuries since I started back in will always evolve for me no matter what. That's what keeps the drive going...

A good friend told me recently regarding workout programs...and I quote "if they bring you results, why not keep them rocking huh?" Makes a valid point here. Great advice which I will definitely take.

Don't want to make this sound too overdramatic like an acceptance speech - but this is the healthiest I've been in my life - the healthiest. And that is something I think I "won" here from all of this...a testament to Turbulence Training. So again, to the Man himself Craig Ballantyne - thanks for providing me the "tools" for my own success and achievements over the years...Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To Chris Lopez of (for the Flip Camera - I still owe you a video, Chris) Erik Ledin.....and to each and everyone of my TT friends - thanks for the undying support you've all given me...and of course high fivers to my fellow bloggers in crime (Mike Z and Fred) - you 2 guys are awesome.

And of course to my wife and wife knew what I was trying to accomplish these last 3 months (I was soooooo focused as ever) and I am so proud that she was able to allow me to "let loose" here inspite of our busy schedules with the kids (another reason why Turbulence Training works for a busy lifestyle)...and to my boys - although they may never quite understand yet as to why dad is hanging on some bars for dear life in the garage sometimes - they've been great supporters in their own right through this all.

Don't forget to vote! =)

Happy Easter!

~ Andy

Friday, April 10, 2009


Was at my buddy's pad yesterday afternoon after work and we were hanging out like little teenagers watching some VHS tapes of some old late 1990's Mr. Olympia videos of Flex Wheeler, Sean Lee, Ronnie Coleman - and we were just in awe of how unnaturally huge these guys were sporting a 28 inch waistline. Totally unreal but one thing for sure here - there's no question these guys train like BEASTS! We were looking at their form and they all look so great doing them. Sean Lee...was very knowledgeable during his interview. He was talking about how easy it is to be distracted during training. From relationships, to even keeping his sweater on during workouts because he tends to lose concentration when he looks at the mirror as he looks at his muscles more and not his form (I guess the that's how the term mirror muscles comes to play here)...We also were laughing out loud after the Mr. Olympia contest, of Flex Wheeler's day after competition meal. He ate an entire box of pizza in one seating. An entire box!!!!! Their nutrition is so spot on for 3 full months I can really sympathize with that, man.

But again...we both know what and how they got big to begin with. It isn't all workout and nutrition. We're both nurses...we know how juiced up these guys are.

But how in the world do these guys move around in real life. Nice for stage poses...but where's the function from all this? I don't think any of them wouldn't last a full quarter in a basketball game.

Annnnyyyway...was a pretty cool week that passed. Very good time to recover and simply relax. I feel like my mind is yearning exercising again but my body just isn't quite at that point yet. I'll give it a few more days. I'm sure after this weekend - everything goes back to "normal" again. Exercise: I find it the best way to relieve stress, stay alert and most of all feel good overall to get my days started. Can't wait to get back at it again full on starting Monday after Easter.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sharpening my talons

This might take a little longer than it seems...

Goal, it was so easy the last 3 months, I'm honestly having a hard time figuring out what I want to set for the next 3 months coming. Spring, Summer and Fall once again...really want to create a definitive plan of action here.

I like Metabolic Resistance Training - ie Circuits, Supersetting, Intervals (BW, KB), Complexes, athletic training (I guess you can put power training in there too) and things of that sort. Not much of a meathead fan - so I may not try to tap into that. Just got done finishing quite a few great Turbulence Training programs the past few months and am trying to find another perfect combination of other programs I'm interested in (TT in combination with others that would compliment it) to use the next 3 months, so we'll see.

Anyway, this whole week has been such a revelation. I think the week off really helps alot here. Have done some volleyball drills Monday, took the day off yesterday and some Yoga and Core strengthening this morning. Body needs to get re-adapted I think and it only took a few days to realize that it seems I've been off from training for ages!

Very weird feeling.

Anyway, this may take longer than a week to figure this all out. I was hoping I'd have a solid plan by now...but I'm getting there.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ahhh...the GOOD life!

Yep...that's me! =)

Rest and recovery! =)

Been on full throttle since the end of last year. Finally after a quarter of the year in the books...I'm finally taking a week's off from any specific type of program.

Did a 12 week Turbulence Training Transformation contest and here's some pics to show for how dedicated I was to really shoot for some personal goals (FYI - I never formally mentioned that in my blog since I took the dip to participate in here back in January 9, 2009. My 12 weeks ended yesterday.). Really happy with the results too at a personal level...and best part of it all? I never missed a single workout.

It was really fun and enjoyed every minute of it...but it sure IS NOT over for me - not by a longshot! Are you kidding??? I'm intending to keep this going for as long as I can. =)

So I'm off...walking happy and content and into the sunset! Hahaha! Will post some good stuff here shortly. But this next week is all about finding new goals and refining some old ones. I think I really worked my butt off with my nutrition, my workouts and I hope the results you're seeing here show that. But again - it goes back to a lifestyle change. Ran out of the gates like gangbusters with a clear set of goals in mind and I honestly believe I accomplished everything I was set out to accomplish within a 3 month time to achieve them.

Now it's time to rest, recover and re-evaluate!

I won't be totally off from workouts though. Still would like to do some Yoga, Volleyball and Core Work this whole time. Just stay active even on an off week.

Enjoy the pics!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just less than 48 hours....

...and I should be back to blogging more soon. Been really busy with everything LIFE and just really taking things in stride here. One thing I found pretty interesting is the benefits of meditation. Been doing alot of that these past few weeks and it has such a therapeutic effect in so many ways.

Workouts and nutrition have been great as well - and that I can be very proud of to this date.

Nothing much else to post here, but rest assured - I'll be posting more good stuff soon!

Very soon!

In the meantime - find your motivation - everyday.