Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just less than 48 hours....

...and I should be back to blogging more soon. Been really busy with everything LIFE and just really taking things in stride here. One thing I found pretty interesting is the benefits of meditation. Been doing alot of that these past few weeks and it has such a therapeutic effect in so many ways.

Workouts and nutrition have been great as well - and that I can be very proud of to this date.

Nothing much else to post here, but rest assured - I'll be posting more good stuff soon!

Very soon!

In the meantime - find your motivation - everyday.



Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you, Andy!

Just a quick comment: it you want to treat yourself to some of the most relaxing, stress relieving 'music', download anything from "Liquid Mind" to you ipod and lay back and enjoy...

Glad to hear you're meditating...highly recommend it!



SmoketheBlowfish said...

Every now and then, an "All is good" post is definitely deserved.

I've run into two days of not-so-good nutrition (too many carbs on Tues/Wed in the form of pizza/bread). Stuff happens, just gotta zone back in.

later Andy

Andy said...

I agree with blogs...they do help accountability as well...

Don't even worry about the small stuff, Mike - knowing you - it shouldn't even bother you really.

Thanks for the visit, Mike! Just chillin' right now and hope to post some good stuff soon!

Andy said...

Wow Fred...I just looked up a few songs right now and its amazing! Breathe in me has to be one of my favorites right now. So soothing to the mind...the soul. Nice.

Thanks for the recommendations!!!