Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sharpening my talons

This might take a little longer than it seems...

Goal, it was so easy the last 3 months, I'm honestly having a hard time figuring out what I want to set for the next 3 months coming. Spring, Summer and Fall once again...really want to create a definitive plan of action here.

I like Metabolic Resistance Training - ie Circuits, Supersetting, Intervals (BW, KB), Complexes, athletic training (I guess you can put power training in there too) and things of that sort. Not much of a meathead fan - so I may not try to tap into that. Just got done finishing quite a few great Turbulence Training programs the past few months and am trying to find another perfect combination of other programs I'm interested in (TT in combination with others that would compliment it) to use the next 3 months, so we'll see.

Anyway, this whole week has been such a revelation. I think the week off really helps alot here. Have done some volleyball drills Monday, took the day off yesterday and some Yoga and Core strengthening this morning. Body needs to get re-adapted I think and it only took a few days to realize that it seems I've been off from training for ages!

Very weird feeling.

Anyway, this may take longer than a week to figure this all out. I was hoping I'd have a solid plan by now...but I'm getting there.



SmoketheBlowfish said...

I had a strange thought a few weeks ago. It revolves around creating a new 4-week program based on a number of CB's training sessions. As I was doing Buff Dudes, I realized how much I hated/loved the evil genius of the Day3 session. Then it hit me...CB seems to go nutbag on a number of his Day3 sessions (remember the session with Crazy 8's, DB Swing Circuit, Tabata Intervals and the 10x10 sessions?).

A combo of Day 3 could result in an intense 4 week session.

Andy said...

Day 3's are very challenging and I wouldn't want to be doing that 3 different ones 3x/week - week in and week out...that's for sure!!! That would kill me.

However, those you mentioned would be good additions for off days though - if you have that "extra" day to play with, just like how we would occasionally do nutbags on Fridays or weekends.