Friday, April 24, 2009

A Typical Remedios Workout

Here's a Typical Remedios Workout I did this morning:
Time: 4:45
Garage Workout

I. Warm up circuits with med ball
Big circles, squats to press, mountain climbers

II. Workout
Straight sets:
- BB Snatch Pull 95x5x5 (explosive)
- Deadlift 115x2x6, 165x2x6 (strength)

a1) 1 leg BB RDL's 45x4x10
a2) DB Flat bench press 65x4x10

b1) Seated one arm band pull 60 lb resistance (bodylastic bands) 4x10/arm
b2) Pike Push Ups feet on bench 4x10
---killer superset!----

c) Assisted Side to Side Pull Ups on chair BWx4x10 (straight sets)

*** Core ***
c1) Med ball Wood Chops 4x10/side
c2) Plank Walk Up - 30 secs

6 cycles = 30/30
3 minute cool down

IV. Foam Rolls

Note: Explosive, Power, Strength. High volume work. I've been getting up earlier to get these workouts in all week long. Felt good. All these exercises are under the power training principles - full body, athletic based. No isolation movements. Added deadlifts in there as well. I prefer to do intervals at the end of each session. I like to do the first sets of exercises as straight sets and then superset the rest of the way (except for the pull ups this morning).

Have a great weekend!



Anna said...

Hey Andy, I read your previous post along with this one and it's nice to see that you're learning from so many other sources. I plan to do that as well as soon as I'm done studying for my certification. It's been crazy hectic for me lately but the learning never ends!

Having said that, you probably know a lot more than the PTs at the gym these days which is kinda sad. But, in this day and age, we really couldn't say that we didn't know any better because most of the info is out there for us to learn.

You continue to be an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Andy!!! Sorry to be so sporadic in my comments...still waiting on my laptop to arrive ( 1st one got ripped off en route via Fed Exp...!)

Anyway, wanted to say that Coach Dos is awesome...I have a DVD of Alwyn Cosgrove and him (Coach Dos)doing a gazillion bodyweight exercises, various forms...and it rocks! He's a STRONG dude! have you checked out his site yet? (

Keep rockin' it, Andy!