Thursday, April 30, 2009

Power Training!!!

Man...great workout this morning. One move I'm starting to enjoy is the Hang Power Snatch! Here's a video of the movement of a guy snatching 135 lbs (I'm far from that!). But here it is:

Left the ego at the doorway upon entering the work gym this morning...played around doing the movement with a bar for a bit and had a great run of sets progressively using 5lb plates til I worked up to a 95 lb load for a 4x5 routine of Hang Power Snatches. Look pretty weak as I was looking at the loads on each side - but man it felt great!

Time: 5 am
Commercial Gym

I. Warm Up Circuits x 2
Jumping Jacks x 40 reps
Push ups x 8
Neutral grip pull ups x 5
BW Squats x 8

II. Workout

Hang Power Snatch (4x5) 45, 65, 75, 85, 95

Back Squat 135x2x10, 185x1x6, 185x1x4

a1) One Leg RDL's using 20 lb DB 4x10/leg
a2) Bench Press 135x3x10, 135x1x6

b1) DB row and Twist 40x4x10
b2) Push Press 30x4x10

c1) One Arm Lat Cable Pulldown 30x4x10
c2) BW dips 4x10

III. Treadmill Intervals 30/30 9/10 intensity - 6 cycles - 3 minute cooldown.

IV. Static Stretching...

Nice one...just finishing off my home gym so that's pretty much been taking my time this past week so I haven't been blogging much...but training has been consistent with Dos' workout since my week off. High volume but having a good time with it.


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