Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm A Finalist!

Happy Easter to all! Hope you all had a blessed one with your family and was a truly a great weekend spent for the Apsay family... =)

News Flash!! News Flash!! News Flash!! News Flash!! News Flash!!

I made the final cut at the 4th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest! =)

And what a run it was...I got my abs back!!!

It's been a great 84 days for me and what a way to end it to be selected as a finalist in Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. Everybody's made great transformations and it's only a true testament that Turbulence Training does indeed work. Congrats and high praise not only to every contestant but to Craig Ballantyne himself for creating such an effective program that's definitely proven for Fat Loss. Every great guy and gal at the Turbulence Training Forum have all did an excellent job and my hats are off to each and every one of them for the strong support they've given me through this...again, your support has been tremendous and means so much to me at a personal level. Thanks all know who you are! =)

Again, congrats to all the participants and also to all the finalists...and to everybody who is using TT for achieve their own personal fitness goals. Your decision to do Turbulence Training is probably one of the greatest fitness decisions you will ever make.

Keep rocking it...KEEP ON ROCKING IT.

So if you're reading this now, PLEASE cast your vote (for me hopefully!). Please note, there is a seperate category for 1st place which was split up into male and female, so if you want to vote (again, hope you vote for me!), go to these links:

For the men category (yes, I'm a male. I'm the fourth dude on the link): Click HERE!

For the female category: Click Here!

And send this out to friends and family...who knows, they might not only be inspired by these guys and gals but may even want to give TT an honest try at it and who knows..they may be the next TT Contest winners in the future!

I am a TT Forum hope to see you there!

Onto other's been a great week off for me. Just to be able to relax and recover I feel has helped me heaps. Did some great Yoga today, shoulder strengthening exercises and some foam rolls this morning - keeping an even minded head on the programs I'm intending to use in the next coming months. I feel pretty good and the week off just made me even more focused with my next TT program on the horizon which starts tomorrow.

As far as they are:

1) continue to burn fat, maintain if not improve lean mass (it's all 90% nutrition)
2) improve overall conditioning
3) improve strength i.e squats, deadlifts (I think I may have dropped significantly with those 2 moves)
4) improve core strength regularly with direct ab work 3x/week
5) able to utilize different yet similar philosophies in hopes to continue metabolic resistance training methods (Turbulence Training and others)

Nothing different from my the last 3 months...or maybe the last 2 plus years - just always wanting to challenge myself every single day in this great new lifestyle I discovered. Been through alot of sweat, tears, injuries since I started back in will always evolve for me no matter what. That's what keeps the drive going...

A good friend told me recently regarding workout programs...and I quote "if they bring you results, why not keep them rocking huh?" Makes a valid point here. Great advice which I will definitely take.

Don't want to make this sound too overdramatic like an acceptance speech - but this is the healthiest I've been in my life - the healthiest. And that is something I think I "won" here from all of this...a testament to Turbulence Training. So again, to the Man himself Craig Ballantyne - thanks for providing me the "tools" for my own success and achievements over the years...Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To Chris Lopez of (for the Flip Camera - I still owe you a video, Chris) Erik Ledin.....and to each and everyone of my TT friends - thanks for the undying support you've all given me...and of course high fivers to my fellow bloggers in crime (Mike Z and Fred) - you 2 guys are awesome.

And of course to my wife and wife knew what I was trying to accomplish these last 3 months (I was soooooo focused as ever) and I am so proud that she was able to allow me to "let loose" here inspite of our busy schedules with the kids (another reason why Turbulence Training works for a busy lifestyle)...and to my boys - although they may never quite understand yet as to why dad is hanging on some bars for dear life in the garage sometimes - they've been great supporters in their own right through this all.

Don't forget to vote! =)

Happy Easter!

~ Andy


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Andy!!!!

Way to definitely rocked it. Goes without saying you got my vote...

Looks like you have some good goals set in place (I may need to "steal" a few of them...all of them!)

Thanks for the shout out, it's very much appreciated...but you did all the hard stuff...I enjoy cheering from the sidelines!

Like you said, lets keep rocking it!


SmoketheBlowfish said...

Dude, you got my vote without even begging for it...although a little bit of grovelling never hurts. Just to set the record straight, winning the TC4 is not a popularity contest and shouldn't be. Let me clue you in on the "Why" of how you got my vote.

A) You didn't oil up for your "after" picture.
B) You didn't distend your belly for your "before" pic.
C) You continue to transform, and make huge strides each time...that is truly the most difficult part.
D) You flat out made the greatest change out of the finalists.

ps. Catherine kicked ass again! When you talk to her over at, send her my love and congrats!

Roundballnz said...

Couldn't have said it better Smoke - there was no doubt you would be a finalist in my mind .....

just to repeat:
A) You didn't oil up for your "after" picture.
B) You didn't distend your belly for your "before" pic.
C) You continue to transform, and make huge strides each time...that is truly the most difficult part.
D) You flat out made the greatest change out of the finalists

Kelley Moore said...

Andy, I've been seeing your comments on MikeZ and Fred's blogs and wanted to let you know how awesome I think you did during this transformation contest! Way to go! Your abs look awesome in your picture. Congratulations for being a finalist and thanks for sharing your perseverance and results!

Andy said...

To Fred, Mike Z, Alex and Kelley...