Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Morning Workout...

6 am
Garage workout

Warm up of rotations, push ups, squats...

a1) Muscle Snatch (Bar only) 45x5x5
a2) Heavy bag punching for 30 secs

b1) 1 leg Squats on chair BW 4x10/leg (very hard, took breaks between reps. Finished all reps)
b2) Jump ropes 60 reps

c1) BB RDL's 135x1x10, 185x2x10, 135x1x10
c2) DB split jerks 20x4x10
c3) Bentover DB Flies 20x4x10

d1) 1 arm DB chest press on Stab Ball 45x4x10/arm
d2) Band Face pulls seated on Stab ball(30 lb resistance. Slow movement. Concentrating on contraction) 4x10

e) Chin up Bw x 4x10

f1)Complex (my own routine):
- 5 REPS PER CYCLE with 45 sec rest between each superset. 3 sets.
- Plank to Push up (hands on 20 lb db) to Mountain Climber (1 rep/side) to Renegade rows (1 rep/side) = 1 rep
Notes on this move: need to position feet a tad bit during this move but otherwise killer.
f2) ab wheel rollouts kneeling (3x10)

- 9/10 intensity - 30 secs; 30 sec rest - 6 cycles
- 3 minute cooldown

III. Foam rolls and stretch

Off to take to the kids to school now...


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SmoketheBlowfish said...

It's good to see you on it even harder after the last contest!

Way to kill another workout Andy!