Saturday, August 30, 2008

A New Move and a New Turbulence Training Workout on the Horizon...Change is always good for us.

Been a long time coming but it's great to be blogging once again. Currently in the process of moving; and as exciting and as stressful as that can be for us as a family the past few weeks, I've been able to maintain my workouts every morning without fail which is great. And yep, Volleyball has been a staple for me every week as well. It's all about making the time for activities you love but also realizing there are other priorities to take care that need attention too.

Family and work is my life.

But on the nutrition aspect of it all...I do want to re-establish accountability on that once again. Nutrition battles is where it's at but am definitely determined to right the ship here with the last quarter of the year starting in less than 48 hours from today. Was hoping to make some significant change for the month of August, but with so many things on my plate this month I managed to keep it at maintenance levels if not even stronger and better athletically and that I can almost guarantee. No more knee pain as much (hitting the treadmills again but really mixing it up with my intervals), no more tardiness at work (I was at one point doing afternoon workouts during the month of August that just killed my schedule), my volleyball game is now up to speed and having a blast with that...and of course over 60 lbs lighter from 2 years ago --- so all in all very happy with the progress I've made so far and I want to start my 3rd year of this journey with a bang by making a commitment this winter/fall season to maintain consistency.

Bottomline is this: I just want to be healthy for the rest of my life. Those cover model physiques come with the work you put into it - it's definitely a goal of mine but I just want to maintain a healthy enough lifestyle to keep pushing on with this thing. I've been doing this consistently over the course of 2 years, I'll be 35 years old come January next year. Journeys are journeys with no end. What better motivation and what better time of the year than the end of summer and the start of fall season to want to re-commit myself for the next 5 months with a renewed focus and state of mind.

This should be exciting....


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Metabolic workouts are back in action!!!

Taking a step back from strength training and will focus more on some kick butt metabolic workouts once again. 3 weeks already into this, I think strength wise - I have developed a sensible amount of strength over the months and will still focus on strength training in my workouts...but now it's time to concentrate more on metabolic type workouts once again. I just love those the most and really get that "high" that you just can't put your finger on. The feeling of your heart pounding like crazy, sweating profusely from your forehead all the way down to your stomach, legs shaking, veins popping on your forearms...and just when you think you're the man of the hour - you get your butt kicked in the end. It's very humbling...but boy does it feel like no other!!!!

Still concentrating on athletic training but with more freedom to concentrate more on certain movements and such. And better yet - jumping can still be incorporated as well!!! Just got one done today with one great workout and I feel greeeeat.

August is the month! Who may even go beyond. So let's see where this takes me....

All the best!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Late for work today...

Ok...late blog post but here as usual. I kind of have it in me that training will always be something incoporated in my lifestyle so I will never find reasons to stop unless I'm hurt or just need a break.

After intense weekend of workouts all weekend I was late for work today for some reason but it's all good. Got home this evening and did some pretty good interval work and some core strengthening circuits out of the way so all in all a good day looking back at it.

Wasn't happy about being late for work...that's for damn sure.

One thing I found amusing was a co worker asking me today: "Man, what's your secret? I remember you were such a big dude...but now everytime I look at you - you're totally different now!". Again, I'm not one to feed off of complements (well I'll admit: I do!!!) - but I am so happy at this stage I've kind of set some higher goals for August so let's see what happens here. I see August as a month where training and nutrition can definitely be adhered from a personal standpoint(I'll admit...nutrition has not been up to par all month and I'll own up to that but happy to know that I'm still able to keep it at a maintenance for the most part). And just in time before football season and the holidays to start here soon so this is the most opportune time to set some serious enough goals here. Not that the past month or so wasn't..I just think this is just the perfect time here for some serious "damage" via metabolic training. I think at a strength standpoint - I feel strong. Will incorporate strength training regardless but I want to achieve more high personal fitness goals. September may be a busy month (process of moving) so I really want to take advantage of this time and set big time accountability for myself here.

Let's see where this goes!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Taking it the park?! Hardcore old school!

Whew...just got done with another great park workout. Was out last night with some co workers for a little unwinding of a fairly long workweek for us all. Had a few brewskies myself, on top of some very delicious appetizer platters. Anyway, it's all good. It's definftely out of my system now after getting up late this morning (weekend off) I took my a few of my toys out to the park across the street and did a great metabolic workout I pretty much just pieced up together with my jump drills and agility work and grass sprints.

All I took with me this morning were the following items:
44 lb kettlebells for swings and high pulls
a weighted handle jump rope for a warm up and "rest" work during my sprints
12 lb medicine ball for slams on the grass
4 drill cones
Ipod (I like alternative rock music from groups like Linkin Park, Chevelle, Disturbed, Nirvana, POD - but not limited to that though!! Hip hop, rap, name it - I like anything that sounds good during a workout! )
a timer for my intervals
My own bodyweight for advanced burpees
....and a park (bench used for alternating jump step ups, the concrete cement for "ladder drills" and some stairs to jump up on to the top).

And that was it! Man, it only took me 40 minutes to get this workout out done and I felt even greater afterwards as I type this.

Don't limit yourself to a gym...too many distractions, too many people...and sometimes, too much of your precious time to look the part of a gym rat (take it to the park...who's looking at you?). And it's good to take a break from the gym for a change of atmosphere every now and then. Simply take what you learn and see if you can apply it outside! You'll be amazed with the effects of working outdoors are and the results are just as great.

- Andy

Friday, August 1, 2008

Another inspiring video on youtube today

As I'm browsing through the world of the internet, I came across a video that really personifies what exactly training means to me personally. This guy really nails it in that he is a parent just like me and many others who have made working out a lifestyle. I can tell by this gentleman he definitely has it in his blood...something I hope to continue to evolve into as well. Only look at this video to see what I mean.

Click here for the video.

Personally, it's not working out a fancy gym all the time for people to crowds, no distractions (except for maybe your kids at home who like to watch daddy "play"). But that's just it for me right there.

You simply cant pin as to the reasons why (for me personally that is) can't explain to others why we do what we do. You just do it. In such a busy world where life throws so many odd balls your way - it's hard when life throws so many at you all at once.

Time is such a precious thing we can't make with a magic wand. That's impossible. But we can make use of time if we try hard enough. Just do the best you can in making the time to exercise even if it was just 30 minutes of your busy day. Make it a good habit but always keep things in perspective as best as you can. Don't make it your life but make it a part of your life - incorporate it in your life and all should be well in time. And for parents, if you have to take your child with you to the park, in the room or watching you in the garage - if that's what it takes - go for it and give it your all. Just keep them away from harm's way and stash the "toys" away when you're done.

If we can set that example to them, I'm sure our kids will learn alot from what we do in time as we become their role models growing up.

Be an action taker!

Have a great weekend!