Friday, August 1, 2008

Another inspiring video on youtube today

As I'm browsing through the world of the internet, I came across a video that really personifies what exactly training means to me personally. This guy really nails it in that he is a parent just like me and many others who have made working out a lifestyle. I can tell by this gentleman he definitely has it in his blood...something I hope to continue to evolve into as well. Only look at this video to see what I mean.

Click here for the video.

Personally, it's not working out a fancy gym all the time for people to crowds, no distractions (except for maybe your kids at home who like to watch daddy "play"). But that's just it for me right there.

You simply cant pin as to the reasons why (for me personally that is) can't explain to others why we do what we do. You just do it. In such a busy world where life throws so many odd balls your way - it's hard when life throws so many at you all at once.

Time is such a precious thing we can't make with a magic wand. That's impossible. But we can make use of time if we try hard enough. Just do the best you can in making the time to exercise even if it was just 30 minutes of your busy day. Make it a good habit but always keep things in perspective as best as you can. Don't make it your life but make it a part of your life - incorporate it in your life and all should be well in time. And for parents, if you have to take your child with you to the park, in the room or watching you in the garage - if that's what it takes - go for it and give it your all. Just keep them away from harm's way and stash the "toys" away when you're done.

If we can set that example to them, I'm sure our kids will learn alot from what we do in time as we become their role models growing up.

Be an action taker!

Have a great weekend!

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