Monday, August 4, 2008

Late for work today...

Ok...late blog post but here as usual. I kind of have it in me that training will always be something incoporated in my lifestyle so I will never find reasons to stop unless I'm hurt or just need a break.

After intense weekend of workouts all weekend I was late for work today for some reason but it's all good. Got home this evening and did some pretty good interval work and some core strengthening circuits out of the way so all in all a good day looking back at it.

Wasn't happy about being late for work...that's for damn sure.

One thing I found amusing was a co worker asking me today: "Man, what's your secret? I remember you were such a big dude...but now everytime I look at you - you're totally different now!". Again, I'm not one to feed off of complements (well I'll admit: I do!!!) - but I am so happy at this stage I've kind of set some higher goals for August so let's see what happens here. I see August as a month where training and nutrition can definitely be adhered from a personal standpoint(I'll admit...nutrition has not been up to par all month and I'll own up to that but happy to know that I'm still able to keep it at a maintenance for the most part). And just in time before football season and the holidays to start here soon so this is the most opportune time to set some serious enough goals here. Not that the past month or so wasn't..I just think this is just the perfect time here for some serious "damage" via metabolic training. I think at a strength standpoint - I feel strong. Will incorporate strength training regardless but I want to achieve more high personal fitness goals. September may be a busy month (process of moving) so I really want to take advantage of this time and set big time accountability for myself here.

Let's see where this goes!!!

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