Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October? Already?!

October...3 quarters of the year gone! OMG!

Not comparing with other parts of the world, but this is the month where San Diego weather is at it's best in my view (and football just gets even better down these parts too). Around Halloween and all the way through February - this is the perfect fall/winter weather for me and a great time to really get my best workouts in inspite of triggers that can easily make you fall of the wagon.


Did an afternoon metabolic circuit workout yesterday at the gym that was really eye opening for a 1pm workout. Got it done and the atmosphere was just right. As I walked out of the gym, there was a transformation picture of a mid age female at the exit door who at one time looked overweight and unhealthy - what an inspiration it is to see how much weight she had lost. Inspiring...and the best of it all - she looked healthy and she had such a glow about her.

Been a busy dad lately but nevertheless still enjoying the benefits exercise brings me...not after any specific goals right now...I think the goal here is simple - to continue to keep at it. If I can keep at it everyday - only then do I believe staying fit can be sustained. Plus - you just got to enjoy it.

Exercise: it's liberating. It's a great release for me and gives me that one hour of "my time" from everything else.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

3 Years and Goin Strong

I've posted this before but this video captivates my purpose of all this.

It's been 3 years yesterday since I embarked on my journey to fat loss. At 225 lbs 3 years ago - I'm healthier now than I ever was at 35 years of age. I credit a good friend Ed for the inspiration to initiate this journey he was so nice to help me start off 3 years ago. He certainly started the path to a healthier lifestyle for me and I always manage to thank him for that every time I can.

Keyword: Health - that's what it's all about. It's not a 6 pack, it's not how we look to others - it's what we feel inside where we get that motivation and contentment to keep on going. Don't do it primarily for others - but a good friend always reminded me to do it for yourself. We owe our bodies that much.

It's always been about gradual fat loss. I haven't tipped over 175 lbs in more than 2years. Never tipped more than 225 in 3 years. And I've kept if off.

Take care of the body that makes you appreciate the great life you have around you - your family, your friends, your job, your house, your car..whatever it is, being healthier makes a big difference.

Better health, longer life.

Here's to 3 years and beyond...find your motivation - IN YOU.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to the Complexes

I always enjoy doing complex circuits. Essentially did a great one with MBodyStrength circuit routines last month and now doing them again with TT. I love metabolic strength circuits.

Seen a good friend do one yesterday and decided to do this as an off day routine. You dont need much - but they are definitely best done with a kettlebell or barbell.

Did a nice sweet short one today and had a blast with it. Topped that off with some core work.

I'm just enjoying working out again...Busy Dad here as you all know... But here I am, still exercising consistently, eating right as best I can - but I think I might have lost that psychological edge a bit..just going through the motions to no fail in the weight room. The good thing is, I hardly even gained any weight which is good.

Overtrain..undertrain...whatever it is - I'm just appreciating it all again...

Who likes to workout and get that pain and soreness the next day...nobody does. If you do...go get checked out at a mental health hospital. Jk!


Sometimes with some sole searching and re-tooling - the mental part comes around and you kind of find your old self again.

Back at it again tomorrow...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Change Up

One thing I've been really struggling with is balancing my day with the kids now in school. Blogging has been pretty difficult too lately.

It's been a tough 5 weeks since the boys started kindergarten...Still learning the whole "time budgeting" thing with homework to contend with each weeknight. Shouldn't be too hard on ourselves in wanting our kids to get in a set routine Monday - Friday.

Right when you're used to getting things done at certain times of the day - here comes a curve ball 4 1/2 years later.

You either take the dive and face it full on...or just find excuses why you dont. And if you don' up and face the consequences.

I'll take the dive.

And just like either just do it...or find excuses why you didnt. Bottomline: change programs up periodically. Too much of one thing isn't always the best answer for results.

I'm already contemplating if working out in the morning is still to my advantage with the kids schedules as they are...I'm already considering giving afternoon workouts a try once again before going home - at my work gym. My whole "get it done in the morning" thing is only because I dont have to think about working out when I get to work and I can spend time at home with my family in the afternoon.

We'll see...I did a 10 am workout today. I'm shooting for an early bird workout tomorrow.