Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October? Already?!

October...3 quarters of the year gone! OMG!

Not comparing with other parts of the world, but this is the month where San Diego weather is at it's best in my view (and football just gets even better down these parts too). Around Halloween and all the way through February - this is the perfect fall/winter weather for me and a great time to really get my best workouts in inspite of triggers that can easily make you fall of the wagon.


Did an afternoon metabolic circuit workout yesterday at the gym that was really eye opening for a 1pm workout. Got it done and the atmosphere was just right. As I walked out of the gym, there was a transformation picture of a mid age female at the exit door who at one time looked overweight and unhealthy - what an inspiration it is to see how much weight she had lost. Inspiring...and the best of it all - she looked healthy and she had such a glow about her.

Been a busy dad lately but nevertheless still enjoying the benefits exercise brings me...not after any specific goals right now...I think the goal here is simple - to continue to keep at it. If I can keep at it everyday - only then do I believe staying fit can be sustained. Plus - you just got to enjoy it.

Exercise: it's liberating. It's a great release for me and gives me that one hour of "my time" from everything else.

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