Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off Day Circuit Routine

So I got up early this morning...felt really sore from my chest to my glutes. Needed to do something this morning while still staying at home watching the kids. So I went back to an off day circuit routine of Martin Rooney a contributor to Men's Health Magazine. So I did my own version of Martin Rooney's Hurricane Workout which you can read up here at this link: Martin Rooney's Hurricane Workouts.

So after a warm up my circuit went like this for 3 full rounds, 60 secs per exercise:

a) Heavy Bag punch kick combo's (really hitting the bag hard for 60 full seconds)
b) 2 handed 20 lb KB swings (added)
c) Alternating step ups on chair
d) Blast strap inverted rows at a standing 45 degree angle (controlled)
e) 12 lb Med ball slams (med ball pikes are hard to do for 60 seconds. It's not like the med ball slams were easy either though)
f) Burpees with jump (really spent at this point)

Finishing moves for fun:
Turkish Get ups with 20 lb KB- 5/side
12 lb Med Ball torso twists - 30 reps/side

That was it. TT strength workout tomorrow...


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