Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Supplement Craze...sigh.

Great workout this morning at my work gym…man it’s great when you have all these tools at your disposal with no distractions except for the pressure of getting it done in 30 minutes tops before taking a nice cold shower in the locker room and suiting up for work. A great workout and pretty intense that’s for sure. Felt really good though...and I didn't feel up to working out this morning but I did.

Anyway, here’s what’s on my mind this morning…

I always seemed to be intrigued on the benefits of supplements from “Buff Man” magazines…I mean do they truly work? I have a friend who uses some of those weird powder stuff quite a few times…ever heard of NOS? NO Explode? I don’t know…it never really donned to me of any type of benefit – plus they are pretty expensive I understand. $100.00 for a container of powder which may or may not result into any gains whatsoever….Gulp! I don’t know about that. If I were to shell out that much money…1st thing that comes out of my head is diapers and baby milk!!!!!!

I’ve been asked on occasion if I’ve taken supplements. I won’t deny it. I have in the past but nothing in recent memory. Nothing more than a few fat burners in the past and protein powder but that’s about it. I’ve even taken Creatine once many, MANY, MANY years ago where that was the craze in the 90’s and I believe still is into the 2k’s. What is it that makes people buy these things anyway? It has to be aggressive advertising on fitness magazines and people buying into it. But really, it is beyond me.

Let’s not even talk about steroids…

Anyway, I could use that $100 on more important things like gas money these days, paying off a few bills, save up on some nice workout gear…or again – diapers and milk. :)

Anyway, I’m a firm believer now more than ever that we are what we eat. Sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it? But I think it’s true.

As long as you know what you’re eating – dude, you can be anybody you want. So why the need for supplements when you can get all that from food?

Cavemen were never on supplements but they sure did look ripped didn’t they? So why is the fitness industry making us buy into the supplement business…

Not saying supplements are bad…I'm just one to never be a firm believer of them.

Go natural.

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