Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moving On and Staying Strong!

Don't know what it is mentally right now but ever since my friend suffered an injury last week, my life perspectives have changed so much as I try to put myself in my good friend's shoes. Nothing like life and death here but things always seem to pop in my head, like "what if that was me?". Would I not only be able to continue my fitness journey...but I'd be so confronted with different life challenges everyday til I get better. Fitness is a priority for me but I mean, there's just so many other things in life that take priority as well like work, family - it's hard to imagine myself in a situation like that that could set me back big time. I look at my knees as I type this and I'm just grateful...really grateful right now.

What if that was me? It's hard to think about the "what if's"...have to stop thinking that way and just keep on pushing here...

Workouts have been consistent which I'm thankful for. It would be so easy to just to take a few weeks off but I don't intend to (it never really crossed my mind). Most likely at a temporary maintenance phase physique-wise at this point being it summer and all and just trying to get better at my volleyball game so I noticed I've been taking things rather more cautiously in the weight room (maybe too overcautious here..it's just not me.). Still hitting it intensely but the mental part really has been bothering me as of late. Sometimes I just can't seem to get it out of my head.

I don't know how to explain the feeling. It certainly isn't overtrain...it's more like a weird type of "fear" of suffering an injury like my friend did in the weight room for some reason. You just really have to experience something close and personal to realize how traumatizing an injury like that can be. Been approached by a few patrons at my local gym the past few days and they've asked how he's doing and it's just hard to really talk about it. I get the same questions at work too from friends asking the same thing. Sigh...him being a good parent, a hard worker, a good example for his friends and family - it's definitely one tough pill to swallow, man.

I hope and pray for his speedy recovery every single day. Not being overdramatic, but I'm sure if I stopped this now and got all depressed about it, he would just be as bummed. Gotta keep pushing...gotta keep staying focused and keeping things in proper perspective here everyday. Just keeping the ball movin...

Got my Pro Form stationary bike today and have it set it up in the garage. Very nice piece of equipment which I will definitely use to my advantage. Situated it next to my heavy bag, KB's, 25 lb DB's (all my weights are stored upstairs) and treadmill so this is perfect for me as far as interval options. Love the options it has and the magnetic resistance makes for a smooth, quiet ride.

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