Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great workout today!

Feeling strong today! Got up early this morning for some reason (excitement of hitting the squats today??). Was at the gym at 5 am and cranked out another very intense but awesome workout today before heading for work.

Got up to 245 lbs (3 reps) on the Olympic Bar Squats (no knee braces). Might have been able to go up to 270 maybe even back up to 295 on a 1 rep max today but I'll work my way up back there gradually. Most I've ever squated was 295 lbs. Plan is to progress up to there soon and work on leg strength and power.

Happy with my running vertical as of late on the volleyball courts this week. Feeling my legs are getting really strong as evidenced with my play last Monday and Tuesday night so I'm happy about that!

Stay strong and train safe!


1 comment: said...

295lbs!! That's just insanity! LOL. Great job Andy and great goal. Can't wait until I can squat at least 1/2 of that.