Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting Back Into the "Swing" of things

Been a hectic week last week with the kids starting a mini pre school this summer at the rec. Something new and something my wife and I (as parents) are finally coming to grips with. Kids having seperation anxiety is tough to deal with but we were assured by our teachers that by next week things should be ok. Good thing the twins have each other...

Anyway, updates...workouts have been pretty intense and still make the time to get them done in an otherwise fairly busy workweek last week at home and at work. As I've stated before, sports specific training is the approach here this next month while still working on cutting up a little more in the process which does mean getting my nutrition down a bit more strict here. Goal is not necessarily getting massively big...but more fined tuned towards strength gains with the legs but with a different approach that suits my personal needs at this point. One goal of mine is getting my vertical improved in 4 weeks time.

Other than being a busy bee all week, I still manage to get my workouts in (it's already habit for me no matter what). It's almost like if I don't get some kind of workout in - my day just doesn't feel right for me. Knees have been bothersome a little last week and have rested them out and stayed away from the courts since last Monday. Ice, rest, anti inflammatories, braces, stretching (I've been doing alot of foam rolling of my glutes down to very top of my knees. There is a band around the hip area that seems to really be stiff - causing alot of this tolerable knee pain I've been dealing with. Foam rolling is GREAT therapy for that)'s almost 2nd nature for me now. MOst of my weight training was from push pull movements of the upper body and one day solely focused on working my legs (posterior chains - glutes/hams/calves) and alot of core training sessions the entire week. I approached a helpful friend of mine via email who I found was a great resource for me about sport specific training and am taking some of his suggestions to heart.

I even did a kettlebell/heavy bag workout last Saturday that was pretty fun with my 45 lb KB in the garage.

Summer has been great and I feel the energy to keep going at it! A little off from traditional workouts I've been accustomed to doing but I think this will indeed benefit me with what my goals are at the current time.

So it's back swinging again tonight at the rec with some volleyball and maybe another swing at it Tuesday and Friday night. The weather in So Sal is just too nice out there right now to be staying at home!

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