Monday, July 21, 2008

Something is always better than nothing at all.

Man...I love circuits but I don't know about this particular workout this was a weird one. It was amusing to say the least. As I'm still working on reading up on my program here and typing it up as a hand carry guide soon - I'm still managing to get routines in regardless.

Having had done some extra cardio work yesterday evening after a pretty good Magic 50routine by Ross Enamait that morning -and with no plans of doing a workout today per se...I got up late this morning for work just a bit cob webbed and short on time. So I sipped a little coffee this morning to get me up (don't do this normally) and thought of a quick body weight circuit (I love circuits).

So I put the bad tasting coffee down, went upstairs and pulled this circuit off (no warm up. My cheap home made coffee took care of that for me...hahaha!):

4 circuits
Chin ups x 8
Decline Push ups x 15
Jumping jacks x 15
2 handed 35lb KB swings x 10
verry Low Step ups on an 8 inch stool (8/side)
Last 2 circuits: added 35 lb kb rows (8/side)
Mountain climbers/Cross body mountain climbers/Bicycle crunches/Hip Thrusts (10/10/10/10)

Whoa...this workout was done in less than 12 minutes I think. I didn't have a timer and solely based on reps but I knew I started this at around 5:50 this morning and ended at 6 am or a little after. Hardly any rest periods really yet it felt really good. Took a shower and it was off to work.


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