Sunday, October 12, 2008

San Diego..Super Chargers!!!!

Couple of hours and I'm out the door with my LT jersey on and it's heading off to the Q with some buddies of mine. It's a late afternoon game heading into the evening. Expecting gusty Santa Ana winds all day over 20 mph. much for wanting to take my shirt off during the game (Always been waiting to do that one day. Yeah right!!! Hahahaha!!! I was only kidding.) while sipping a beer and chowing down on some grub...nothing like the NFL experience of being at a game. Whoohoo!!!

Anyway, last night while I was posting my blog of Disturbed's Video - I came across a pretty good fitness website by Toronto based Chris Lopez's 20 minute workouts for busy dads ( I understand he is a good friend of Craig Ballantyne's and looking at his workout program I was amazed at how short but efficient the exercises are. It almost reminds me of a program Craig made that I did last September - very short, yet very intense.

So I gave Day 1 a shot this morning at home at 9 am and I like the feel of it. It's an 8 week program and is intended for the 2 year or more experience Turbulence Trainer - hey, right up my alley...

Best thing about this program is that's all it took: 20 minutes of intense exercises (including warm ups here) all in one 20 minute workout. Can't beat that especially with the business of the holidays and cold weather wanting us to skip the trip to the gym. And it's a great home fat loss/strength developing workout routine. Got it over and done at my home gym the minute I got up this morning and now it's off with the days activities with the family and the game coming up this afternoon. 20 minutes...that's amazing.

Ok..time to eat a good breakfast and head out here shortly! Enjoy the Sunday!

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