Monday, October 13, 2008

Music and Workouts...

I'm 34 years old. Grew up with some pretty good groups in the 80's with a little punk, new wave, some pop and rap too. Then came the that one era of the early 90's (Nirvana, Pearl Jam anyone? Remember G n R? Hahah!! Hey you may be laughing now...but you know what's up!)...then to the late 90's and 2k's where we universally would call it alternative or maybe nu metal ala Linkin Park.

Anyway, we're finally in the day and age of mp3 what an invention this little device is and how it impacts my workouts at a personal level. They are so convenient. I'm almost where I can't even workout without one! Other than putting on my workout clothes for the morning, the Ipod is definitely something I make sure gets charged at night and the something I make sure of gets strapped on my arm before I head out the door or do my workout routines at home. I can't stand gym music. Also an mp3 player keeps me focused as opposed to dozing off in LaLa land. And if you're like me and you can't stand the music played in the gym, try channeling that aggression into your workout. That works sometimes too! :)

I love music (but I can't sing for &*(&! on the Karaoke at home!). Music can have an extraordinary effect on your workout and I truly believe that. Studies have shown that music can increase or even decrease (with slow music) strength and intensity. I've seen this happening during spin classes all the time and it works! Music has also been shown to decrease pain sensitivity during exercise. It just totally puts the mind into a state of excitation or "euphoria" if you will (endorphins!!!), preparing your mind to talk with the muscles for the "work" ahead...boosting your energy level and performance out of the ballpark.

I constantly have to change playlists like once a month for some reason. Imagine that. :)

Here's another favorite song by Candlebox called "Far Behind"...sometimes I'll even play this as i get my things ready for the morning or after a cooldown after a kick butt workout. Little sad tune but it gets me back to ground level after a workout:


Roundballnz said...

How did we ever survive before Ipods - have this awful memory of lugging cd discmans for the cardio around !! - my favourite is the shuffle for the gym - can't stand the arm bands - I can't torture my nano by dropping DB's on it anymore :)

Andy said...

Hi Alex...yup - cd discman's!! I remember I had a sony one and would put around my little "fanny pack" at the waist and start running around with it!! Hahah! Yes, the shuffle is pretty good and it's very lightweight. One problem I have with the armbands is it does tend to get in the way of some shoulder work.