Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deadlifts and a Pull Routine

time: 10 am
Commercial gym

Dropped the kids off to school and headed straight to my commercial gym for the following Dos Remedios' pull routine (with some leg/arm swings and chin ups for warm ups)...

I. Workout
a) Deadlifts for strength
warm up set - 95x2x6
Actual Sets: 135x1x10, 155x1x10, 185x1x6, 225x1x1

b) Hang Cleans 95x4x10/9/8/6

c) One Leg Back extensions on roman chair 4x10/leg

d) Seated Cable rows (v grip) 110x1x10, 130x1x10, 150x1x10, 190x1x3, 110x1x7 (drop set)

f) Weighted Assisted side to side pull ups 4x10/7/7/6 (dropping the weight assist used in the assist per set. Should have started with lighter weight than starting off with heavier weighted assist here. I can feel my lats burning)

Core training
a1) Med Ball twist 1,2 then crunch on a decline (legs higher than head) 3x10/6/6 per side, crunch
a2)Planks arms on stab ball 30 sec hold x 3

b1) Standing torso twist with 12 lb med ball 2x10/side
b2) Stab Ball rollouts 2x10

c) Hanging Alternating Knee Raises 2x8/leg

II. Steam and stretching

Notes: Felt really good. Skipped Cosgroves complex B today. Didn't think it would be a good idea to do it after today's routine. Good thing is, I got a good taste of deadlifting along with some core training. Intend to do it tomorrow morning. Lots of work done today and was glad to do some deadlifts to start off the actual workout. Core training was nice too. Haven't been hitting the treadmill for sometime - it's really good to stay away from it for now. I get alot of "cardio" just doing complexes, walking to work and playing volleyball. Hope to hit it for a change sometime soon once again.

In the steam room, was doing some meditation and stretching in there. Didn't realize I was bleeding from the nose when I came out. It was pretty stuffy in there with some hot steam. Was in there for a good 10 minutes.


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