Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

A Salute to all our War Veterans....Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everybody here in the States!

So I've been off from any actual workouts for the past few days dating back Thursday last week (happy hour with some friends that day). Still getting over a pulled neck muscle I think I got this last Thursday as well. Don't quite know how I even got it. I just remember having a back pack with me and carrying a few bags for some coworkers to there cars was all.

So i've been doing alot of stretching these past few days, some Yoga...but that's about it.

But yesterday...I did do a gymless routine at the park yesterday before hitting a great trail walk with my wife yesterday morning that was a good 3.5 miles in length. It covers an entire lake and a golf course. Tons of people out there yesterday which was really cool to see. We can both feel the Summer just around the corner.

But back to my gymless routine...with a back pack on - I was doing bulgarian split squats, Pull ups on monkey bars (yep, with a sore neck even), dips and inverted rows. After that it was off on our walk up and down the trail park not far from home. We finished the walk just under an hour. Felt good.

After that, we went and watched a matinee movie and it was off to the pool in the afternoon to spend time with the boys.

5 days off from working can really feel the body feel so sluggish. Could be from some bad food choices made since last Thursday. Its all good though.

I'm like a light switch...I can turn it up but I think I also know when to turn it down some too. I'll be hitting it up strong once again soon here.

I've got a few workout routines I'm interested in giving a shot...

Enjoy the Holiday!!!

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