Sunday, May 17, 2009

Konked Out Last Night

Completely konked out last night. I had never slept that straight in some time. Got to bed at just past 8pm...and got some straight zzzzz's til 5:30 am this morning. The minute I took my scrub shirt off, had no clue I dozed off on our bed with my scrub pants on and my Hanes tang top still on me while my whole family was pretty much still wide awake I guess. Note: my work scrubs are the most comfortable of work clothes I think. Almost like walking in pajamas. (BTW, I had to take a whole revamping of my uni's and civies because they are all oversized. Total wardrobe makeover these past few weeks. I may donate some of my unused clothing to charity.) Had my wife not set my alarm clock ahead of time - I would have been in Lala Land til 12 noon. I had no idea I had slept that long. But when I got up - I felt wide awake and rev'd. Great feeling.

No workouts today...taking a day off and then it's back to Week 2 of my Push Pull routine with some Cosgrove complexes. That whole week last week really reminded me of a similar workout I used to do - very physically demanding but definitely an ass kicker.

Have a great Sunday...go Lakerss!


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jimmydean said...

Thanks for keeping it real man. I wanted to congratulate you too on your 2nd place in TT 4. Your blog has inspired me to get back to writing, and is really helping to keep me motivated with TT 5.