Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Nutbag Circuit for Today...

Nutbag Circuit Training
Time: 0845
Home Routine

Warm up Circuits x 2:
Jumping jacks 40 reps
Push ups x 4
BW squats x 8

I) 5 rounds with 2 minute rests between circuits:
a) OH Squats using 45 lb BB (5x15)
b)Push Up to Jack Knife Combo (5x12)
c)1 leg RDL’s to swing to overhead snatch 10 lb KB x 8/leg/arm
d) Chin ups (5x5)


II) Tar Heel Med Ball Challenge ONE ROUND with 8 lb med ball (modified)
Big Circles = 20 reps
Wood Choppers = 20 reps
Push Press subbed with “Floor Wipers” = 10 reps total = 45 lbs BB used
Standing Torso twist = 20 reps
Med Ball sit ups = 20 reps
Rocky solos = 20 reps
Med Ball toe Touches = 20 reps
Suitcases = 20 reps (alternating)
45 degree Torso twists = 20 reps
Diagonal crunches = 20 reps

Time: 9'52"

III) 200 KB Swing Intervals:
1. 50 2 hand swings/30 sec rest
2. 25 2 hand swings/30 sec rest
3. 25 2 hand swings/30 sec rest
4. 25 2 hand swings/60 sec rest
5. 25 2 hand swings/60 sec rest
6. 50 2 hand swings/completed

Time:9'17" (whooo! Under 10 minutes here)

Notes: This circuit was nice. Although I did do a quick BB complex last night...this is my TT off training day so to speak so I was thinking long and hard of something to do. Wrote this one on paper this morning to see if the flow of the exercises made any sense (not sure if it did but it felt good though). I was going to add swings in that circuit, but decided to wait on the 200 rep swings in the end. The one leg deadlift to swing to overhead snatch was with a 10 lb KB. Also please note, this exercise was done with absolute 100% focus. No way was I going to want to speed through this one; one leg was up against a 14" stool behind me to keep balance (I’ve seen people do it on one foot with nothing to keep their balance...that’s hardcore!).Your balance, your shins, your glutes, your hammies and your arms will all get worked here for sure.

The med ball circuit was only one round. 8 lb med ball this time. I subbed the push press as I did those yesterday and did some floor wipers in replace for the med ball squat press move - a move I’ve seen done but never really incoporated it in a workout, so I thought of giving it a try. Pretty fun move...abs bracing hard and then moving the legs from one side feet touching one end of the BB plate - to the floor - then to the other side feet touching the other plate...whew! I like that one...but I only did 10 reps with 45 lbs for the barbell load, so again...nothing too extreme here.

On the swings...last week, I was swinging the kb and db’s all the way overhead with each rep. This time the swings were right in front of my face this time...definitely made my times improve significantly at hindsight.

At this point and at my age (I’ll be 35 in January), I really have no intentions of wanting to get massively huge. Improving strength and improving on lean mass is the goal here on out. I want to keep a lean physique, maintain some lean muscle and just keep it at maintenance which TT has given me ever since I started TT in 2007. Anything benefitted from Craig’s TT workouts and my own little experimentation...is simply icing on the cake. But really...there’s just no sense for me to work on gaining mass. Also my nutrition just gets too sloppy when I attempt to go on a “bulk” bodybuilders would call it. So if I do a routine that might look confusing as to why I did a certain move on back to back days or something similar to it...please excuse my nutness. Unless I’m extremely sore from a previous workout, I may do a push press move on back to back days or just not do that workout all together - but for me on some days - I don’t really mind it. Will it hamper muscle development...maybe..but I just like the metabolic effects of circuit training.....

I just like to exercise...PERIOD! =)

I just want to keep on going here and just stay lean as can be really...

Sorry...I just wanted to elaborate more on the workout to avoid any misinterpretations of this workout.

They’re not called Nutbags for anything.... =)

Took a picture of myself this morning for the heck of it. Progress pic? Not really...but I know progress is always needed! Can't get that perfect body but we can always strive for it! =)


JuJu said...

Yep, Nutbag indeed, and dont waste too much time on explaining it Andy! ahahahaha
Oh, ok, just 1 minute to explain what the heck is a "1 leg RDL’s to swing to overhead snatch" (????)
I dont know about metabolic effects on circuit training, but man, I know about the adrenaline we get when we finish a "nutbag" workout! Phew!!
I have the same point of view, I just love exercising, I have fun with it, and getting lean is a consequence... Nice pic btw!!
Keep rocking! JuJu

STBF said...

Andy, how did you pull off the floor wipers with the BB?

The Nutbag Commitee has approved your application. A $5.00 Hooters giftcard and your "I'm a Nutbag" T-shirt are already in the mail.

Excellent workout for a "light day"

Andy said...

Hi Juju!

Thank you! =)

Circuit training works...you're definitely a testament to it.

Well, the one leg RDL, same motion as a regular RDL but standing on one leg. Maybe the "snatch" was confusing...I think I mis called it. anyway, on the opposite arm, I have a 10 kb, so I pause at the bottom to get a good stretch of the hamstrings before the move, then I'll use my hips momentum to swing it up to the top of my head, arm locked all in one move with a 1sec pause at the top. I swing it to the top and pause basically almost like a snatch (but not really a snatch). In a true KB snatching move, the trajectory of the kettlebell will resemble a J Curve rather than an arc like a swing (like the one I did yesterday)...kind of like starting up a lawn mower (but the KB is between your legs and close to your body) and exploding up to the snatch with the kb on top of the movement that would be one rep. The exercise I did yesterday...I do this as a volleyball exercise really. Helps balance basically.

Hope this made sense??

Andy said...

hahaha...thanks Smoke! Much appreciated!

BTW, can I get the honorary Nutbag shirt in mediums please? =)

Thanks for stopping by...