Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Who cannot remember LL Cool J...this guy is a rapping icon. For him to be in the rapping business for this long and still look even more ripped at his age (40 years young) and still look like he's in his early 20's...whew! Talk about keeping it consistent for so long...

I like songs of all genres...rap included. I remember this old school rap song that to this day is probably one of the best workout songs ever played on my ipod! Momma said knock you out!!! Hahahaha!!! Check it out!

Great video! Brings back big time memories!!!

On the fitness side...time on my hands today, I went and did a good 10 minutes of yoga this afternoon on top of my TT workout this morning (I know...from rap to yoga...what's with this nutbag!). Anyway, this was only a warm up part of the program and I was pretty impressed. I already got sweaty just going through the motions of a Yoga CD I got a few weeks ago. Breathing technique and flexibility is a requirement...even if you don't have that good flexibility - YOGA will at least get you some considerable flexibility at least.

Hey, if I want to aspire to be like LL one day...why not put a little Yoga in my routines! Seriously! It's very beneficial for longevity in this fitness journey as I'm finding out more and more what yoga is all about.

Ok time to be LL and take out the garbage...


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