Friday, January 2, 2009

"Talkin 'Bout a Resolution"...

Guess we all can relate to this.

Honestly, I've never kept one single one I don't make them any more. Hahaha!!!

But I do like making goals
and that's very important! Always shoot for the goals! And they're much different than resolutions because you can always work towards them. Nothing's absolute in life.

Happy New Year to one and all!!!

Good health, good life...and cheers to 2009!


Roundballnz said...

Another goodie is to achieve " new habits" ........

but it is the resolutionist season - the gyms will be mad for the next month

STBF said...

The gyms will be full of the resolutionists for the next three or four weeks. Being a people watcher, this is both my most and least favorite time of the year. I need to get my stuff done in an energy filled compact session (no wasting time) but..

I love seeing what the true nutbags will be doing to lose weight.

Krissa said...

Loved this video. Sounds like me--"Just one bite!"

I agree--goals are better. I made a 2009 checklist---just things I want to do this year. Not really resolutions--just things to make sure I make time for.