Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the swing of things once again.

I't been about a week from any consistent type of weight lifting...body felt it's got it's share of rest...felt GREAT!

But all good things come to an end and I'm so happy to get back in this again...Honestly: I felt my body needed this break. As far as the dieting: I feel like I got all those useless carbs out of the system as well (til next Sunday when the Chargers play the Steelers)...but I feel much lighter, more refreshed mentally and physically and ready to hit it hard once again.

I remember a post I made about how Manny Pacquiao can add so much weight overnight. Reason? My best guess is FLUID RETENTION and a boatload of CARBS. Carbs hold water and I think alot of my own recent weigh ins had alot to do with what I ate! Well, DUH!!!! Processed carbs here...beer there...and I wasn't too happy about that the other day when I stepped on the scale. I was very skeptical about what I saw anyway.

But with these past few days if not a whole week (except for Saturday)...it's been my goal to get my nutrition to where it was before this holiday season even started -I think I'm where I left off pre holiday which is good. Will be working on lean mass and getting my BF%'s down again for the next 12 weeks. Again: it's all in the diet for fat loss. It only took a week or so to really get that "straightened" out...it's incredible what a diet can do to weight loss and it is very true - you are what you eat. You're body may dictate what you eat...but you have to eat right to get to your goals..be it a lean out or a bulk...either way - NOT necessarily more is good or less is good - but it will consistently involve alot of trial and error but it becomes manageable once you figure it all out. Something I hope I can continue here the next 12 weeks or so. Well, that's the goal at least.

I also noticed when lifting for strength...I ate more. That's just the nature of the beast in body building. You want to get big...you're body's going to tell you to eat big too. You want to lose weight: work on your calories and keep them at a doable deficit and keep up with your workouts as consistently as you can.

It's alot harder than you think - but it does take an understanding of how the body works.

Again, I'm not a firm believer of the scale...I never will be but I like the significant weight drop which tells me again: water weight or maybe even some muscle loss here as well (or it can be the other way around...more fat and more muscle - because I did gain a very small amount of weight over the holidays that I consider workable). The number I got today on the scale anwered my own question about this solveable puzzle of mine. =)

So I've started getting the nutrition aspect cleaned up and started a circuit training program again to work on even getting more BF down. Perfect combination starting the new year.

Just got done with my first TT workout for the year of 2k9. It's one of my favorite workouts involving circuits (my favorite fat loss routines quite frankly). Circuits are fast, efficient and doesn't take too much out of you to where you crash on your sofa after some heavy lifting (but you will feel very spent throughout these circuits though...that's for sure).

Anyway, enough of my ranting here...time to clean up the house here!

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