Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy All Day with a "Move"...a Good one though!

Yep..I'm moving again.

But not what you think! I've been contemplating about moving my home gym from upstairs down to the garage and I finally started the move this morning! Have been busy all day carrying all my workout stuff down to the garage (On top of a workout I did this morning...pooped out!). I just think it's facillitates me better as far as better workouts down in the garage without having to wake up the kids upstairs in the morning (YAY for med ball slamming! Whoohooo!!!).

Having done my workout downstairs this was almost like a light switch and made so much sense, so I decided to make the switch around. At least that gives us another room upstairs as a guest room or another kids room in the future.

All day, I was bringing down some pretty heavy stuff such as my treadmill, my stationary bike, my Bench and my 100 lb Heavy bag. Left the weights upstairs and hope to take care of that tomorrow. I also just assembled a Power Station this morning that I really like alot. Let's go total bodyweight circuits!!!

Hope to take pictures of it soon....

Nutrition front has been very good this whole week....very good. Hope to keep this up but I know I have a few food challenges coming up here in a few days...


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