Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grocery Day...4lbs of beef anyone?

Went to the grocery and stocked up on some veggies and meats for the week. As I was at the meat section of our local market...I was so astonished to how 4 lbs of beef weighed in my hands.

Never realized how heavy that is until I looked at how much it actually weighed in my hands...

4lbs of beef, compared to 4 lbs of fat - which would you rather have? I'll take the beef and toss the 4lbs of fat to the The J.M. Smucker Company that owns Crisco cooking oil.

If fat loss was that easy in real life: I'd be shipping them by the pounds...

People think 4 lbs weight loss is "easy"...after actually looking at how it actually felt in my hand - imagine that as body that's a load to lose!

Again...fatloss principles are pretty straightforward: nutrition, nutrition, nutrition and a little exercise to balance it out. Simple solution but over time, I've realized how hard it is to lose it especially when reaching a certain point in the fat loss game.

But you have to keep going...have to keep pushing the ticket...and you got to have the desire to want to do it.

Very happy with a week's worth of exercise and great nutrition this past week. Hoping the numbers don't lie here...but I can definitely feel a "lightness" about it. It just feels RIGHT for some reason!


Krissa said...

I guess I had never really thought of it that way. That is a good way to actually visualize what fat amounts to.

LOVE THE PULLUPS! You rock. It is very inspiring to see those pictures on the right and then see this fit guy doing all these pullups!

I wish I could do those!

Andy said...

It's a pretty cool way of looking at it isn't Krissa? when you actually can visualize the differences.

when I did that the other day, I can definitely say that "weight does matter"..."weight".."matter" in a literal sense it does make sense!

thanks for dropping by, Krissa and thanks for the support here! Means so much to me.