Sunday, January 11, 2009

Go Chargers!

What can I say...FOOTBALL SUNDAY in January!!! Nothing like it. Today will be a great game which I hope I don't get too emotional over. I haven't been too emotional over football in years. I'm old enough to realize that these multi dollar millionaires make enough money and if they win: Great. Lose: we move on to next year.

Exercise helps take care of those emotions througout the week! BW circuits this morning...

Chargers vs Steelers....very reminiscent to the playoff game back in the 94 Season when we upset them for our first trip to the Super Bowl (and got our asses whupped by the Niners in Miami).

Go Bolts!!!! Being a big sports fan this is what it's all about! Win here...we host the AFC Championship Game...against the powerful defense with Ray Lewis and the Baltimore D.

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STBF said...

Rough game without LT. Hate to say it (but as a Cubs fan, I must)..there's always next year. Get LT and Merriman back at full strength. One more year of maturity for Rivers and a gimme-putt for supremacy in the AFC West. No reason that the Chargers won't vie for the AFC title in '09.