Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week In Review...

1) Happy with the progress so far I've made with the metabolic approach with the workouts in conjunction with better eating habits. Surprisingly, on a lean out, I haven't really lost much muscle..hardly any but I like the fact that my BF %'s are looking good. Lean outs are a good thing if the weight loss is body fat and not lean mass. I want to retian that if not improve it. A few cheats this week but not to a point of hindering any progress. But those have to get buckled down as well. Hope to keep this up (not the cheats, but the lean out! hahaha!!)

2) Mixing it up. Rob's right - you definitely have to mix things up. Variety is good and he makes a great point. Although I am doing an awesome program right now...for off day activities which although may seem over the hill for some...this is definitely something I'm benefitting here and enjoy doing.

3) The Amazing Power of.....S-L-E-E-P. Power napping or just flat out sleep - PERIOD! Can't believe how one hour of just taking a good nap after work or that extra hour at night can do wonders when you wake up. I feel rested...more focused. And the muscles are recovering and working here too. Sleep comes far and between when you have a family. But I loved to take those power naps! REFRESHING.

4) Capoeria...I want to learn this! =)

5) Volleyball has been non-existent the past month. With the holidays, open volleyball gyms were pretty much closed for the holidays. Martin Luther King Jr Day scratch that. Hope to get back into it again next week or this Friday night. Surprisingly, after dropping the kids off to school last Tuesday, went to the park with my little one and I tried to see if I can touch that thing (the rim). Barely by an inch of my fingertips.

6) Getting back into the gym scene. Hoping the resolutioners have died down at the gyms or at least see some new commitment from them for the long haul and not just the 1st few weeks of each new year (that would be sad). Remember there's only one day of the New Year...every other day is just another day in fitness...but you got to keep at it. I love my home workouts and my work gym...but hopefully starting tomorrow if everything goes as planned - I'm going to try and make it to my commercial gym at least twice a week for a change up.

7) Home gym...going to take all my "toys" into the garage. Too much space is taken up in that one room - I think in the garage would be a better place for all those things. And I can throw my med ball around all over the place and mix it up with some other great interval work without waking up the little ones!

8) Wide grips...14 last week. Hoping for 15 full ones this week.

And that's my "Week In Review" for this week! Til next week! =)

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