Monday, June 2, 2008

"97Days2Abs": A Personal Mission


Thought really long and hard over the past few months or so about this and may have mentioned this in my blog some time ago...alot of things happened the past 2 months to really hamper my progress...not anymore. Made a personal commitment to myself that in 97 days - 9/5/08: I will get that defined 6 pack I have always wanted ever since. I want to be the most fit I can be by 9/5/08 so I called this mission: "97Days2Abs". Made the decision to get in shape by a good workout friend of mine back in Sept 5, 2006 and have never looked back since.

So 9/5/08 is a defined target date for me. I will never look back and sulk in disappoinment over things I could have done better even with the fact that I have bad knees now. Will be attacking this goal with awesome programs from Turbulence Training and a few things I've enjoyed doing the past month with a few strength/core training principles I learned over the past month as well. I noticed so much of a difference now with overall strength so I'm going to take advantage of this with a more "renewed" sense of determination.

"97Days2Abs"...a personal challenge I have set for myself. And so my journey continues. Stronger, more focused, more intense as ever. Count on that.

"Fitness aint pretty, RESULTS are." - Troy Anderson

2 comments: said...

You can do it Andy! But personally I think you've already got the abs.

Andy said...

Wow Kali...thanks for the support. I guess I'm my worst critic is all when it comes to that. Did you join the contest?