Saturday, May 1, 2010

What's This?

Something's wrong with this picture.

Sup guys...happy May to everyone. Haven't been blogging much but still committed to a healthy lifestyle nonetheless. Just haven't found much time to keep the blog updated with so many other things to keep myself occupied with.

Again..still committed. Still going strong.

But what the hell is this guy doing???


Roundballnz said...

Thats beyond words, wouldn't it be easier to say what he is doing right ..... ie attempting a healthy lifestyle :)

but really WTF was he thinking - maybe thats the point he wasn't - why the moment guys walk into a gym do they ........

SuccessfullySlim said...

Yeah, that's weird. But I'm impressed that he can do it! Thank god he's got a spotter.

I would prefer to challenge my balance and strength at the same time with something like pistol squats, rather than what he's doing!

Chris Melton said...

Wow! How did anyone convince him that this was a good idea? All I can think is that this can go wrong on so many levels.

Andy said...

@ Alex...will give him credit for attempting to do the right thing.

@ Slim...I agree!

@ Chris...seriously! I have no idea. that's 135 lbs on his back - ON A BALL EVEN. His shoes must have glue on em.