Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Ramblings

It's amazing what you can do with your body with just bits and pieces of manipulation you can do with it - be it diet, exercise, activity and rest. It's fun. Weight loss, lean muscle gain here and's a great journey that I find a unique interest in especially with how the body works and the science behind it.

Anyway, this past month...I have learned some "new" revelations. I say "new" because it always seems like they are but they're actually old rules and principles that I always try to remind myself about constantly:

1) Control what you can control (that can be from diet (#1) to the amount of loads you use on a lift to even times you train in the gym or at home).
2) Get your rest. Don't overtrain.
4) I should be mindful once again to avoid busy gyms.
5) Balance your life.
6) Your body is a chain. Each part of that body is essential to keep staying fit and healthy. Take care of it.
7) Stay committed and motivated as best you can. Just keep at it. Don't let things pull away from you, even when the chips are down.

Tomorrow or Monday - I do my last Circuit Challenge of this program. Hope to break my previous times on it. But it has been a great month of workouts for sure.

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